New App: Thermostat Mode Director

This is great, thanks! I only needed the feature to turn off the thermostat when the doors are open so I set all the thermostat modes to auto and put the high and low temps 1 degree apart.

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I’m having a slight issue, I have it set to shut off/on the thermostat when the Deck Sliding door opens or closes. The only issue is that it never tells the thermostat to turn back on. It goes into Off fine, but I have to manually tell it to go back to auto. I was hoping that a simple open/close to go onto the deck wouldn’t affect the thermostat, but having the door open for 5 minutes would cause the switch to off, and then once the door is closed again, it would fire up the thermostat. Thoughts?

This is exactly how it works. Check the setup of your app. Also, make sure you’re on the latest version, if not, no guarantees.

New update.

Version 3.0.1

  • Added option for modes to trigger thermostat boost.

Finally got this set up today - installed two instances for the two zones (upstairs/downstairs) because you can close a door between floors, so they are pretty distinct. Installed the The Smart Weather Station Tile Smart Weather station tile app to use as my “external sensor” - upped the update frequency of the weather tile to every 15 minutes…

Anywhoo, as usual here on the Coast afternoon fog rolled in. temp dropped to low 60s… we got chilly, closed the doors, and this wonderful app turned on the heat upstairs. Went downstairs, closed the last doors down there, and the downstairs heat came on.




Awesome! Thanks for sharing @schettj! Always enjoy seeing my work help people!!

Just getting back to this now. I’ve updated the code, and will check it out when I get home. Thanks!!!

Great work @tslagle13. Could you possibly update this to support turning off power outlet devices (e.g. WeMo)? In my case I’m looking to use this to turn off my AC if a window is opened and turn on my AC if the indoor temp reaches a certain threshold and no windows are open. Only way to control my portable AC unit ATM is WeMo switch.

@tslagle13, this looks like what I’m looking for. 2 questions: 1) will it work with an ecobee3, and 2) like @bbodenmiller, I’d also like an option to turn on/off a switch (in my case, my whole house fan). In other words, I open a window, and it shuts off my HVAC and turns on the whole house fan, and vice versa when I close the window. What do you think?

Good idea! :smile:

@tslagle13, I’m trying out the app but realized I really only wanted to use thermostat and doors part and not the director mode. There’s no option to turn that part off once you set it up though. Am I missing something?

Awesome app! I’m wondering if it would be easy enough to add the ability to control a switch, rather than a thermostat? I currently use a multi-sensor for temperature, and in turn control a WeMo switch connected to an external AC. I’d love to be able to toggle the switch on or off based on temp, rather than change mode on the thermostat. Is that something that would be possible?

Much appreciated!

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I use a virtual thermostat that manages the on/off of an outlet for my a/c. This is the code I use for it:

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Give this a try.

I’m in Arkansas right now and threw it together really quickly. Please be my guinea pig and test it.

Awesome! I’ll give it a test as soon as I can. Thanks!

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Sadly no luck. I don’t see where I can choose my device switch, and when I go to Thermostat and Doors I get an error: Page content method does not exist.

No rush on it, I can certainly wait until you have more time.

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Thanks I’ll look tomorrow:)


@adamzeis Pull the code from git hub. It should be good now.

Is it reasonable to have more than one instance of this SmartApp installed? In my case, I’ve installed one for each mode (e.g. Home - Morning, Home - Day, Home - Evening, Home - Night, etc.). I then set each instance to run only for its corresponding mode. This way I can set the High Temp threshold for different times of day. The reason is that I want a higher threshold during the day, then set it lower at night for better sleeping comfort.

The issue I’ve been seeing is the app instances appear to run inconsistently. For instance, when I got up this morning the thermostat was set to Cool, even though the temperature was 59 degrees F and the high threshold was set to 75 degrees F for the Home - Morning instance. I opened the settings of the Home - Morning app instance, changed nothing, then clicked ‘Done’. Soon after the app fired and set the thermostat to Off as expected.

I’m thinking its related to the recent scheduler issues (, but I wanted to also check if running multiple instances of this SmartApp was feasible, as long as each instance was mutually exclusive of the others based on modes.

Yeah, this will cause some issues :confused: The logic in the app really can’t handle this.