New app stopped working about a day ago

New app stopped working about a day ago on my android S7. It loads but the status never updates. I get a message “Were having trouble connecting. Check your network connection and try again,” I see the hub and all devices correctly in the IDE.
I never used , installed the classic app, Hub is V2. My phone is on the same network as the hub. Any help appreciated.

  1. try clearing the data cache
  2. uninstall/reinstall the app and sign back in - but be aware that your dashboard gets rearranged

Thanks JKP, I came to step 1 after using another phone that worked. So I cleaned up the phone memory etc and it started working, and a lot faster on status updates too, about 3 seconds to load status from 44 devices. Didn’t have to reinstall the app. I think the app has a memory leak.