New app showing "old" fields for temp sensor

I recently bought and installed 5 aqara temp sensors. I had to use custom IDE´s to add them and the first sensor added as a “thing” in the old app. Rest of them added like aqara sensors like they should.

They all work fine, but the first one was added as a “motion sensor” at first and now its still got the “motion sensor” tile in the new app. Its showing as offline and i changed its type to aqara sensor, but it still showing old tiles. I tried to remedy this by changing to a lightbulb and back, but now its got those tiles as well :frowning:

my question is, in the new app, is there some way to remove the old tiles or re-add the thing without actually resetting the sensor (ive placed it in my crawl space beneath my house and i dont know which is which).

I know the new app doesnt really support custom IDE:s but im hoping there is a solution.

EDIT: Tried clearing cache and files on app, its still there. Seems to be cloud-based data.

Yes, this is why I always caution against changing device handlers. The new app UI can be very fussy about capabilities having all their attribute values and units set, yet at the same time is happy to use orphaned attributes it would be justified to ignore.

I vaguely remember trying tweaking the handlers temporarily to set unwanted attributes to null but I can’t remember if it got me anywhere.

I get this. I wished there was a way to reset the device without actually re-syncing it.

Guess I deserve to reset them all to find the one who’s faulty.

You should be able to identify them just by grabbing hold of them. It doesn’t take long for a new temperature to be reported when you do.

That’s very clever! I noticed that blowing into them quickly raised the humidity as well. Thank you.

Will removing it and then resetting it and re-adding it remove the old attributes?

Yes, if you remove the device and install it again ST will start with a clean slate.

There are ways of getting the app to display just the things you want but I’d suggest the tools you need aren’t quite ready for prime time yet.

Yes. I’ve also noticed that with the additional “false” functions battery is draining a lot faster. It’s probably being asked for data. Readding it will serve my needs

Thanks for answering my questions.