New app presence sensors

How does one remove your phone or your wife’s phone as a presence sensor in the classic app? And add them both to the new app to be the new presence sensors.?

In Classic, go to the presence device and remove it like you would any other device, via Preferences (the gear, then Remove).

In the new app, tap on the “hamburger” menu (3 horizontal bars) on the left side of the app and it will pop out a menu from the left where you can get to your Rooms, Scenes, etc. In the upper right will be a gear, so tap on that.

Enable “Use phone location” and “Allow phone presence detection”.

Unlike the Classic app, you can’t see these presence devices in your list of devices in the new app. Not yet at least, but you can create a virtual device to mirror the behavior and the virtual device will show up in the new app.

So if I want my wife’s Phone to be set up the same way she has to install the new ST app as well and do the same thing with her phone in the new app?

Yes, she would need to do the same as you did. Install the new app, login with her account and enable phone location.

I did the transition of presence from the Classic App to the new App several months ago. After deleting the presence device, it would reappear.

I also was getting other indications that the Classic App presence was still triggering. To completely stop the Classic App presence, I had to go into the IDE. Go to Locations, and to the list of Installed Smart Apps. Find and delete the presence app (don’t recall the exact name, it was obvious)

The device is still in my Devices list, I’m pretty sure deleting it turned off presence sensing in the new App.

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