New app only issue - temperature scale showing up as C instead of F, anyone else?

I just noticed that many sensors and a couple other devices I have that report temperature have started using the C scale instead of F, which is what my Location’s scale is set to be. Anyone else experiencing this?

This just started happening, but I don’t know exactly when. I know I should email support, but as it always happens with emailing support, I don’t want to wait a few days only to be told to reinstall the app, remove and rejoin a device, and/or eventually reset my hub…

What’s odd is that the DTH the device is using doesn’t matter, and on the main tile in the new app’s dashboard the scale is correct. It’s only when looking at the detail view of the device that you see the wrong scale. The Classic app uses the correct scale, of course.

Here’s an example of a sensor using ST’s stock SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor DTH:

Wonderful new app:

Location Scale:

Device states in the IDE:

The working Classic App:

Example of the Dashboard tile showing the right scale, but the detail view doesn’t:


You’re not alone…


Happening with an Ecobee sensor. Switch it to F, close the app, open it up and back to C. Change won’t hold.
The actual Ecobee thermostat shows F in the SmartThings UI.

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It isn’t something I’ve seen myself, but then I use Celsius anyway. I’ve seen lots of reports of it though. Displaying the wrong unit is one thing, but executing a temperature scale conversion first isn’t something that happens accidentally and is another kettle of fish entirely.

It could possibly be another concern to add to those I’ve previously expressed about how stuff is displayed in the new app.

I see things like this:

  • Attributes not displaying unless they have units as well as values, even though the capabilities clearly state that there is a default unit (this is one of the first things I look for when DTHs don’t display sensibly).
  • Attributes being displayed as 0 unless they are integers, even though the capabilities not only define them as decimal numbers but the practical values need at least one decimal point (unless it has been fixed, Atmospheric Pressure Measurement is an example of this). And why 0 and not just truncation or rounding?

You could say those are just bugs. The trouble is you see things like the following and begin to think it is deliberate:

  • Standard capabilities being defined with one presentation but displaying with a completely different one in the app. For example the ‘switch’ capability tile should be labelled as ‘Power’ in English and use the ‘standbyPowerSwitch’ which, according to the API, ‘will display as a slider style on/off switch in the UI’. It actually is unlabelled and uses a button. Don’t get me started on what happens with temperature.

And now we see units being converted. All very clever, and potentially very useful, but the DTH developer didn’t do it, and the end users haven’t knowingly requested it happen, and at least one of those two really should be involved.

It is actually incredibly worrying.


I completely agree. With all the changes coming on the platform, forced changes (don’t get me started on Alexa) and weirdness like this, I feel like I’m riding a fast train into a brick wall with no driver and I have no control of any of it…

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It is well beyond weirdness. It is also particularly irritating when you have been waiting for two months for the app to even come vaguely close to supporting things that needed to be working near enough perfectly weeks ago, and will be critical come October, and you then get this kind of nonsense instead.


Thanks for linking to my thread. I was just getting ready to do the same…

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Same here. Any updates?

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Same here.

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What I did to fix this problem is this:

Go to
Log in
Click my locations
Click on your hub name
Click edit
If your Temperature scale is already set to F then change it to C and click update
Click edit
Change Temperature scale back to F
Click update
Force Stop the SmartThings App on your phone
Relaunch the app

That fixed my problem. Hope this helps.

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That didn’t help, but thanks for the suggestion.

Having the same problem. I’ve tried that also. Didn’t work. Sent an email to support. This problem just showed up a couple days ago. History looks good. its just the live data and its not all the sensors but definitely most.

Same problem here

Same problem. I’m also having an issue where a 3rd party door close sensor doesn’t show the temperature in the new app.

Same problem for me. Nothing I do changes it permanently.

Same here!

Same here.

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Please see Temperature reverting to C