New App Merge

Will there be a merge of my things in ST to the new app? If so, anyone know when that might be?

Eventually, yes, but no timeline has been given. Don’t do anything with the new app for now unless you have been told to by support as it can break some of the things on an existing account. You will see a message in your existing app when it is time for your individual account to migrate.

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Does anyone know a timeline when everyone will get the update? It’s been a month since I received the email about the merge and I know they are rolling it out in small batches, but I’d like to know when maybe I will see it for my system. I have not yet received the notification in the classic app.

Nothing has been published/shared by ST.

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Wondering if custom smart apps will be supported in the new ST App? Can’t live without NestManager, ActionTiles, Konnected, keypad coordinator, etc…