New App: Lighting Director

Tim and Michael, what a great app!!
I have a minor suggestion, at the getInputOk() instead of using contain, I would use equals statement. The above suggestion is that motion inactive status, actually contains “active”, and therefore, lights are not turned off.

Good suggestion…I have been updating it behind the scenes but waiting to hear from Tim as this app was submitted for publication. Wouldn’t want sub-versions going out.

What say you, Tim…

I say… wait a little bit :wink:


I would say if this is going to publication that there be one more change to the latest version; I ran into a situation the other day that was caused by Brandon’s addition of the mode change. I was getting some really weird behavior I didn’t want because things were tripping on the mode change. In my ‘3.0.0’ version I added a switch that allows you to ignore the mode change subscription on a scenario-by-scenario basis.

Anyway, let us know!

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Just one odd point. The suggestion related to change the contains to equals was based in the simulator results. Once I used the real life installation, I have to go back to use the contains statement.

Does someone knows why this could have happened?


Post it in the IDE suggestions post :smile:

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Tim @slagle so now that you are a ST employee, you get to publish all of your work? Was that your deal? Congrats! Quick question for you. Is there a difference between the latest code you’ve published here from what ST published today? Do I need to wipe clean the apps I have and use the one that was just published, or doesn’t matter?

Same functional code with some minor changes

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Is there a benefit to using the published install? I have several apps installed that have now gone official and so far I’ve taken the “if it isn’t broken” path.

no benefit besides getting live fixes if something is broken. No need to update the app manually on your end if i change the code

Speaking of which, would you like me to submit my modifications (adding the presence sensor and the option to turn off the mode change subscription) via GitHub? I see they did include my name…so that is cool!!!

Yep, submit through github :smile:

Done. Sent you the new code earlier today.


Just using this plugin for the first time; i didnt have to get it off github it’s just in the smart apps when i search for motion.

Quick question; or two :slight_smile: Firstly any updates you make will they take immediate effect or should I download the github version and put it in myapps so i can modify it and also keep revisions at my pace?

Secondly, the portion of the code that says dont initiate if the switch is manually turned off doesnt appear to be working; i’ve turned my wemo light switch off and then I cause motion and it just turns on again.

Is this a known bug or something only i’m seeing?


That portion of code is referring to SmartThings switches. When I coded that I didn’t take into account WeMo switches. Hope that explains that.

For your other questions, Tim will have to chime in. I have version 3.0.0 that I sent to Tim to review.

Immediate :smile:

Michael, I thought WeMo switches are Smartthings switches You can install them straight from the “Switches and Dimmers” section. I know however that there are issues with these devices and that ST doesn’t report the correct state. And that’s not you or Tim’s fault. You guys did a really nice job with this app :slight_smile: @icepicknz did you check to see if your Wemo switch was actually “turned off” in ST app? I have a feeling that it was still showing as “on”. I have Wemo switches too and is impossible to read the correct state, unless you physically turn off the switch from the ST app . Is not the light manager that doesn’t work here.

Nope, if I press the physical light switch ST updates within a second and shows the light turn on or off; so Wemo is certainly updating ST.

Good point…it does show up as a ST Switch…I guess what I mean was whether it responded as a ST (or typically a GE) switch.

From a programming standpoint, this is the simplified code:

subscribe(A_switches, “”, onPressA) //This will register if the switch goes off…the WEMO should trip this

if (evt.physical){… //This is the one I am unclear about. Please note that my original thought was that the switches are going on and off all of the time through automation; however, a physical press of off will trip this. Now, I am not clear if the WeMo simply registers off, or if there is feedback that says “I pressed the lower part of the switch”. From your experience, it sound like it may NOT send feedback. If you are into coding you could log the output of the EVT from the off and see what is being sent by the WeMo.

@slagle I finally installed your light(ening) director. :wink: pretty cool. Just a suggestion for the next release. Sunrise/sunset with offsets may be? And it is working million times better than the native lights & switches turn on lights when doors/contacts are opened.

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