New App: Integration with HoneyWell TotalConnect Alarm & Monitoring System

##Update: v0.3.1 is out##

Here are the visual Changes

Installing this new code should be easy. Just copy the new master code from Github and replace it with your existing code. Once done, go to the smartApp on SmartThings [Mobile App] and make sure you have updated the preferences to point your actual location.

I always recommend backing up your existing code in case this code becomes bit sour for your taste. However I have tested this code and it works nicely. There is also improvement in terms of message handling though there is also room for improvement and Im working on it here - runIn(), runOnce(), pause(msec) which one to use in this example


If you are like me who like to reverse engineer their way and make some thing good, better, I have a right environment for you. With this tester, you wont have to play with changing your smartThings mode to arm and disarm. You would be able to implement those changes with a help of a switch, virtual or physical, your choice. I will also maintain a code on github for this.

Github :

Here is how you can work with it

##Enjoy \m/ - Dont forget to share your love with this Community##

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So what is different in the latest version that was missing did not have than the older version?

Went through the code just now quickly and did not notice any armStay() just armAway()?

  • 1: Previous code had, my location ID hardcoded, which will seriously cause issues with others using code. I have unified it now.
  • 2: Improved logic in handling confirmation Message, whether its armed, disarmed.
  • 3: Ability to select Total Connect Locations, if you have multiple locations for your security system. I would assume most of the folks will just have single location, but if you were like @triggertact, this would be helpful.

Im Assuming you checked the Tester code and not Actual master code.

Master Code for App :

Tester Code :

Yeah, I was just looking at the tester code. There is a way to just grab your code for your locations selection and add that to the master to fix the locations issue in the previous code?

You could do that. Give the code a good read and it should be easily understood on where you need to make the changes. You are looking for changes from line 28 to 100 and then major changes in panelMetaData functions, some changes in all mutational functions - arm, disarm, armstay.

However, I would just update the code completely as there are multiple locations where I have made changes which adheres to best practices in writing codes as well as making less calls to Total Connects. Your choice :blush:

I will make the adjustments. Thanks. I like using the hello home feature to disarm and armstay automatically when I come and leave the house.

I appreciate all the work you have done! Just looking forward to more of your work on being able to get the statuses of the other sensors in the house.

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Thanks for the update. I can get it installed now and it sees my location. However excuse me for being dumb but where do I actually control my alarm system now? Like Arm Disarm Stay Night mode?
I don’t see anywhere where I can do that in the mobile app?

Once you have the SmartApp installed then to send a disarm command to the alarm just change your SmartThings mode to Home. To arm away, change mode to Away. To arm stay, change mode to Night.

This obviously assumes you still use the three default modes in SmartThings. Yogesh is planning on adding functionality to allow us to customize which mode we want to use to trigger each alarm command. Won’t happen until after Black Friday he said, though.


After rereading this thread a few times over, that was the conclusion I came to. However when my home set to night mode automatically at 10:00pm my actually honeywell alarm did not change at all to stay mode. Any idea why?

Hmm, good question. You sure you’re using the most current version of the code? Have you tried manually triggering the Routine that changes to Night mode to see if that makes it work? Have you tried changing to the other two modes to see if those are working?

Yep using the master code few post above. Manually triggered Good Night mode which sets my home to night mode. Still didn’t change anything on my alarm system.

Hello @SmartFan, I would try checking the live logs of SmartThings in order to see if it is executed nicely. I know @triggertact already asked this, but make sure you install the Master code for TotalConnect and not TotalConnectTester. If you did, great!

On this fine morning, here is how I would see my logs, if I put my SmartThings mode to Away from the current GoodMorning (DisArmed mode) and then back again. For you to check the same, I will first open and then click on TotalConnectv0.3.1 App and then play with SmartThings modes.

You can may uncomment (by removing // in front of) several “log.debug” in the code to see finer logging of how your trigger was executed. If you do so, you dont have to uninstall and install again. On your current code from SmartThings IDE just uncomment log.debug, save and publish the app. For v0.3.1 of the code, important log messages are in panelMetaData() at line 181, in getSessionDetails() at line 207 & in armAway() at lines 215, 218, 220 & 232

Hope this helps!

Hi Yogesh,

Yep I can confirm that I only installed the MASTER CODE only and not the Tester code. Really can’t figure out why mine won’t work.

EDIT: Maybe this is it? I setup a new user profile like suggested in the first post. However I just noticed that when I use the total connect iOS app on my iPhone, whenever I try to arm or disarm it ask me to enter my 4 digit pass. Totaljonnect iOS app never asked me to do that on my primary account profile that I have been using this whole time. Could that be it?

EDIT2: Yep that was it! Working now. Thanks so much for this app. Really looking forward to being able to use different routines to set it. Hopefully you will be able to figure out how to use NIGHT mode not the honeywell which has no entry delay at all so if any of your sensors is triggered it immediately sounds the alarm instead of giving you 60 seconds to disarm. I like to use that one when my family sleeps as I know no door or motion sensors should be triggered at all. Only way that would happen is if someone actually breaks into the house while we sleep.

@SmartFan Great! glad it worked.

on Edit2 : So you mean to say you would like to have Night mode also as regular alarm mode ?

Yes Yogesh. Hopefully when you let us choose which alarm mode to set with what routines, you can let us also choose night mode on the alarm which has no delayed entry at all. Right now night mode just sets stay alarm mode.

@SmartFan- that was my indented purpose as I like to use that. You can easily modify the code. Basically, from the current code of v0.3.1 you will match line 249 of armStay function to line 224 of armAway & line 253 to line 228. However, you may wait till I give you ability to choose your ST modes, but that wont happen until after BF and next week is over.