New App and Samsung S9

The new app on the Samsung S9 is a complete balls up the Favourites and Devices buttons are virtually on top of the button that allows you to close all apps on the phone , the Life button is more or less covering the home screen button and the Automation and menu buttons are so close to the back button that it is frustrating to use especially if you have fat fingers , is there any way to edit the button lay out in the app or have smartthings simply not done their research - god its annoying

I had a S9. In my case, I’ve always used Swipe Gestures instead of buttons. Gives you more screen real estate.

Go into the phone’s settings, Display, Navigation Bar. Select Swipe Options. That will replace the buttons with small bars at the bottom of the screen. Instead of pressing a button, swipe up. It may take a little getting used to, but you’ll probably enjoy the extra screen real estate once you do.

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On my S8/Android 9 the SmartThings app appears fine. And in the Settings/Display/Full Screen list, the SmartThings app shows that it is optimized to run in full screen, but it can’t be toggled.

But I’m running the Samsung NavStar app from the Samsung Good Lock app library. If you aren’t using Good Lock with NavStar, then give it a try to see if running the NavStar app to replace the default Android ICON tray resolves it. At least with NavStar, you can ‘hide’ the system tray ICONs which should help.