New app and multiple locations... is it possible?

Anything new here to report? Just curious.
I left a review on the App Store and got a terribly unhelpful “response from developer” reply.

After a few days of waiting I admitted defeat, went out and got the V3 hub, created a new Smartthings account using a different email address. Disassociated my 40+ devices and paired with the new V3 in the new app.Then recreated all automations. The V3 hub seems not a major improvement over the V2 except it has wifi capabilities which was kind of crucial for me to bring the hub close to my existing devices. It also doesn’t have battery back-up but I have it powered via a UPS so no loss there. Aside from my time lost and the money spent on the new hub and accepting that the new Smartthings app is still -well hopefully- improving I’m satisfied with the end result. I look at it as though the event many of us have suffered was the catalyst for me to move over to the new app and ‘upgrade’ to the V3 from V2. Kind of inevitable given the direction Samsung has taken. It also give me an opportunity to sort some things out that I wasn’t happy with with my previous set-up.

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I have this issue, and have sent request for support. @Brad_ST

I’m not sure if the message is not being received correctly or what but everything I am seeing is people (forums, developer responses, customer support, etc) telling me how to check my other locations for devices. Even when you download the new iOS app (1.6.28) it has a nice little tooltip that pops up to show where you can change locations. I would not even need this tooltip if the new location wasn’t magically created for me. Plus the bigger problem is I can’t move devices from one location to another. Huge, huge annoyance and problem. Alexa commands still don’t work (except for the Iris devices I’ve re-enabled). I’ve got the similar issue to @GertR above in that my devices split between locations but I have the added joy of not being able to create new SmartApps (existing ones continue to function - so far). Would I have this functionality on an Android device? I’ll go buy the cheapest one I can find if I know it works. It’s either that or completely blow up the setup and start all over and honestly I am very hesitant to do that because is the next update going to blow it up again? @Brad_ST - any mitigation strategy being developed for these scenarios? I don’t think I’m alone. Thanks for any information from anyone, calling customer support is a very frustrating experience for this issue.

Did you get a chance to read this thread? There are a number of people having the same issue that you describe and it is now posted on the official status page.

The problem is with your cloud account, so switching to a different phone/tablet won’t make any difference.

It’s horribly frustrating, and very unfortunate for anyone who has this issue, but at the present time there isn’t anything you can do about it except wait to see if engineering can come up with a fix for those affected. Or reset everything and start all over. :scream:

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There has been some progress for one user…

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Thank you @jkp. I guess I can continue to email support and see if there is something that can be done. At least I have something to reference now. I think my frustration with customer service has been trying to re-explain every single time and go through the same iterations of what I “should” be able to do versus what I can actually do. Thanks again.

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Sorry my sarcasm didn’t come through very well in my original post. As for the “official status page” I assume you mean this one?
Sorry for my ignorance, I am new to SmartThings and literally the DAY after I had completed my Iris migration of about 40 devices (I spent my weekend unpairing and repairing z-wave devices), purchased new cameras, connected my Ring doorbell, created all new smart apps, etc I made the mistake of opening this app and it completely trashed my setup. And “horribly frustrating” is an understatement! The people and information available here have been very helpful.


Update for everyone - gave up waiting for any sort of fix so sorted it as follows. Decided to revert back to the Classic App. The main reason was that the new App doesn’t have an icon for using the iPhone as a presence sensor whereas this works well in Classic (@Brad_ST - one for your developers?). I logged onto IDE and opened up my Locations and selected Home. Select List Devices and for each device check that Hub is set to Home Hub and that each device has a Group associated to it (you’ll need this for the switch to the new App eventually). Go into My SmartApps and open each one in turn and select Publish --> For Me (I did this just in case so may not be necessary but just to make sure they get re-associated with your Home location). Close IDE. Open up the Classic App on your phone - select More. Select Mode = Home (ignore the other Home2 location that was created in the migration). Now select Dashboard and check that all your devices are shown. Rearrange the order as required. If you have Home shared with someone on another device you may need to Manage Users, delete the share and resubmit. I did this, again just to make sure.
Outcome - Classic App works as before and well with all logging and presence detection by iPhone enabled. All Automation and SmartApps transferred over and working OK. New App also works OK but no iPhone presence detection

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GertR’s method didn’t work for me. Devices on both two locations are already set to home hub.

@BlueJacket, just to confirm my setup - I have 2 locations on my system (Home and Home2) and one Hub=Home Hub. I use Home as my live location for both Classic and New (the New App doesnt actually see Home2). All of my devices are configured as Location=Home and Hub=Home Hub. All SmartApps are in both locations. All still working OK. Hope this helps.


Received email today that the incident was resolved. Called support, support do not have a way to move devices between locations.

Sorry to hear about that experience!

The frontline support is not able to resolve the issue directly but should be able to escalate to someone who can. If this wasn’t offered, please email and let them know your devices on the wrong location.

Big problems here. Have emailed support and it has been weeks with no resolution.
New app shows no locations, no hubs, no devices.
Old app shows 2 locations, one of which is correct. The other has an old robot vaccum i used a few years ago.

In the IDE, I have 2 locations, both of which are default and cannot be deleted. Under the accounts dropdown in the IDE, I have 2 duplicate accounts, instead of just one.

What is going on here?

You may be able to set one location as the default and then remove the bad location…

Go to #2 in the first post of this thread.

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No dice. All locations are read-only default.

Did you use an incognito/private tab when logging into IDE?

Nope, but just tried. Both locations still set as default and can’t be changed.

@Brad_ST I’m having this issue as well - ticket 879737. Can you have a look? I have a location named “Delete Me” which in the app still lists the hub and one switch, and another location named “Home 1” that has all my other devices. Obviously I’d like the hub and one device pushed to “Home 1” and “Delete Me” deleted. I posted here following the specific directions at the end of this post:

Do you see the Delete Me location in the app? Are you able to delete it there?

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