New app add Z-Wave device not on list

So far the new app has not been very good with Z-Wave in my opinion :frowning: .

I have a never before used (still in box) Intermatic HA04 outside outlet. I am trying to add it to my v2 hub using the new app and it is not found. I am trying to add it as a generic zwave device and it is just not being found. Do I need to do something other than have it within 10 feet of the hub?

I tried all sorts of combinations with turning on and trying to find the outlet.


P.S. Does anyone know how to exclude devices? Is there a way to refresh the z-wave routes?

menu > devices > your hub > 3 dots in the upper right of the screen > z-wave utilities
or IDE > hubs > view utilities> z-wave utilities

I repaired the network but the device is still not recognized. Is there something else I can try?

Hey there! @DevDude,

This article may be of assistance to you:

Additionally, have you already attempted to locate the Generic Z-Wave device by performing a nearby scan? Using the pathway (+) > Device > Scan Nearby.

Do you have the “Ask to add new devices” popup enabled in your SmartThings settings for when your Phone detects a nearby device that is able to be added to SmartThings?

I hope this message finds you well!


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It should just be a matter of setting the hub scanning using either Scan Nearby or the Generic Z-Wave onboarding so the green LED is flashing on the hub, and then pressing the button on the outlet . If that doesn’t work then you could try excluding the device first as @jkp described.

Thank you all. Excluding the brand new device is what worked. I was trying to help my sibling remotely so this was not an easy task.