New Android Experience - question

Finally installed the new app a couple of days ago. How do you remove the “Turn on using a schedule” time information?

I was playing around with the app and set up “Turn on using a schedule” and just realized that my SmartApps are still there, so now I have two events doing the same thing.

Unfortunately, this is kind of a gross bug we need to fix, but there isn’t a way to just clear out your time selection right now, so you’ll either need to delete the original SmartApp or the Dashboard configuration you set up.

We do currently plan to have several releases coming up in close succession (weeks, not months) focused on bug fixing and getting up to feature parity with iOS, so expect so see improvements coming your way soon.

Hi Emiliy and Rey. I use the smart app Power Allowance and it’s not working with the new Android App. Is it related? Is this a known issue?