New Android App Things Page is Questionable

This morning my Android App (v1.7.6 installed on Aug 27th) started acting up this morning (aug 30th) within the “Things” page. Some of the Thing icons change to a ? mark after about one second after opening this page.

Here is what I get

The “?” things are all different devices displaying either Temperature or humidity. I have confirmed that problem does not occur on my iPad.

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The icons were missing from all devices with the latest app update on my android tablet. I rolled it back to the previous version and everything worked ok again.

Then today, I opened up the application on IOS, where I haven’t had any major issues at all, and half of my stuff is showing as “unknown”

Not sure what’s going on with the apps lately…

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While I have absolutely nothing worthwhile to contribute to your thread, I just had to mention that I love the subject. Very appropriate.