New Alexa Skill Not Discovering Devices After Migration

Having the same issue and not able to get it to work. Trying sending a message to @Lars although won’t let me PM. New user in the forum.

I ended up fixing my problem right after I posted this. I logged into the web interface for Smart Things and noticed I had two HOME locations. One from the old app and one from the new. I verified there were no devices in the first Home Location and deleted that location. Once I did this I ran discovery. Low and behold all devices detected and functional.

If you are still unable to discover device, send me a PM with your SmartThings email and I will take a look.,

So Alexa works fine with SmarThings on my newer Shows but on my original gen Show, tap, and Echo I get sorry something is wrong, try reenabling in the Alexa app. Of course it is enabled and connected in Alexa app. Tried disabling and enabling, no go. No duplicates exist.

@Lars, I’m having the same problem with my hub since the migration. Will PM you.

@Lars , Sir, I am also having the same issue, however, I am not sure I can PM you yet as my account was just created.

Which of the issues, no devices discovered?

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My apologies, Sir. Since migrating, I cannot get my Alexa to recognize my Smartthings devices or scenes. I’ve unlinked and relinked the skill, reboots, etc. I cannot figure out why.

Sent you a private message!

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Having the same problem as above, sent you a private message Lars!

So how was this resolved? I have the same issue, Alexa won’t discover devices in the new SmartThings app.