New Aeon Labs Doorbell: need device type help

No, it’s siding. If I put it on the screen door right next to the location where I would like to have it it works. The the other side of the wall inside it works. Have to think about drilling the hole, not sure u want to do that.

Siding can be as bad as brick, especially if it has internal insulation, it just depends on the materials. I wouldn’t drill it, either.

You just need to find a place where the signal can get through. It doesn’t take much, just a crack usually.

Another possibility would be if the chime unit, which is using a different radiofrequency to which the hub, can get through from a location that the button peace can talk to you.

So in that case you would move the chime unit outdoors to sheltered position, but he could be right near a window.

Now the button talks to the chime and they’re both outdoors. And the chime talks to the hub.

If you can’t hear the chime sound indoors you might have to buy a second unit and have the first chime tell the hub to play the second chime.

But that would give you more placement options for two reasons. First because you can move the Chime around, and second because the chime’s Z wave signal should travel further then the button’s 433 signal anyway. Something to consider.

Meanwhile, can you answer my question. Did the button piece show up as a separate “thing” on your things list? Or did only the chime show up?

Only the plug-in chime/speaker shows up.

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OK, that’s what I expected. The button is just a 433 remote to the chime. Thanks. :sunglasses:

So just got mine in yesterday. Used @Robert_Vandervoort latest code and it detected it as the right device type right away. Thank you @Robert_Vandervoort. So which smartapp can I use with this to get notified if the doorbell is pushed? We want to be notified in case we’re not within ear shot of hearing the device. Would be even cooler if I can find a way to have this integrated with Kodi to pause the TV as well.

“Notify me when” should meet your needs.

Is there any sort of reset I need to do to use @Robert_Vandervoort’s code if I was using the prior device type?

You should be able to pair with the siren type and then go right to my type. I did post a new version last night to show the devices firmware information. Nothing else really changed.

Doesnt seem to be pairing properly - tried deleting the device to repair but that didnt work. Any guidance? Can I hard reset the device and start over?

Hey Guys, I am planning to buy this and set it up with @Robert_Vandervoort 's code. As I am picking up this thread late, wondering if there are any outstanding issues with the integration or anything major for me to be aware off? My use cases are basic - get a bell with remote button in front porch and get reminded on ST (Remind me app etc).

For some folks @thoward1234 type works, and @Robert_Vandervoort does not (me and others); others have had no problems with the latter. But even though the former works for me, I’ve struggled to get it to work properly.

I gave up and am waiting till things are more stable.

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I’ve been using Vandervoort’s code for several weeks now with full functionality and no issues.

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Just an update to all of you… I was able to get this installed and integrated fine… Except for the volume control which doesn’t looks like working… But, most importantly I get notifications of bell, setup rules and also, able to do some cool stuff with rule machine and custom sounds :wink:
And I used the latest version .05 which I guess is kind of @Robert_Vandervoort 's code and latest versions by @thoward1234. I might be wrong… But the thread where the latest versions are being discussed is too long for me to read fully :blush: . Thread is Aeon Doorbell Type Beta

I just released a new version of a different DH that might fix the secure pairing problem that a lot of people are having. It also has a setting that allows you to turn off the secure commands for users that are unable to pair it securely. A few users that were having problems were able to use it without turning off secure commands, so that part hasn’t been tested.

The steps below have worked for other users:

  • Remove the device
  • Install the Device Handler and remove any old ones you may still have installed.
  • Hold down the button on the doorbell for 20+ seconds which will do a factory reset.
    (It won’t delete any custom mp3s you’ve loaded)
  • Connect the device, but repeatedly press the doorbell button while it’s pairing.

Hey there, your device worked like a charm - my main issue is that the doorbell itself only intermittently hits the chime and plays a sound. I suspect I may need to return this device?

[quote=“trippy99, post:138, topic:14924”]
my main issue is that the doorbell itself only intermittently hits the chime and plays a sound.
[/quote]The button doesn’t like being held. If you place it on a hard surface or mount it you may find that it’s a lot more reliable.

I found mine does not like the cold outside. It would not work below freezing until I brought it in and warmed it up.

Definitely better but also missed presses. Anyone else feel that exists?

The button is linked directly to the device so if you press the button and the device doesn’t light up it’s a hardware issue.

Some people have found that it’s caused by the battery not making a good connection and bending the battery clips a little bit towards the battery helped.

I’m considering purchasing one of these.

I think that if the button does not send a signal properly through the wall to the doorbell, I’ll set it up this way:

Use a standard normally open doorbell button outside the door (already have one in place).
I’ll have the wiring from that button go to a zwave door contact inside the house.
The door contact will activate the doorbell.

An extra step and added expense, but if the included button can’t transmit very well and can’t handle cold New England weather, that may be the best option.
I’m really more interested in the ability to have this play specific mp3 files in response to other events being triggered around the home; arrivals, doors opening, motion detection, etc.