New Aeon Labs Doorbell: need device type help


  1. Loading custom device type.
  2. Pairing doorbell with ST as the custom device type.
  3. Sounding siren using app.
  4. Changing settings through browser under device.

Partially Successful:

  1. Updating configuration from app.
  2. Changing settings through app.

I have gotten this to work once or twice but I haven’t been able to send a configure command with any consistency.


  1. Anything involving the remote button. It sounds the siren but nothing in the log and nothing in the app.

When I was working with this, I thought I had it figured. Here is what I know; Only a device associated as group 1 can receive notice of the doorbell button. Only devices set as group 2 can change volume ringtone, etc. I put in the code to set association groups in a couple of places. It is set sending a command, option 80 with a value of 2 which I put in the configuration button. I’ll look at my code. I thought I had it correct … Once set it works great.

Thanks I will keep playing with it on my end but the code looks like a foreign language to me. Still it is fun to play around with, I love this stuff and wish I knew a bit more so I could technically troubleshoot better. Nevertheless thank you for you effort!

The SmartThings hub puts itself in group one. You’ll have to put it in group two if you also need it there. That’s in the Z wave developer docs. Probably under set association.

What is the size of the doorbell button? And mounting options? This looks like it is going to turn into an awesome thing but the actual doorbell button has me wondering.


Screw mount

How close to being ready for prime time is this integration? I’m very interested in adding a doorbell to my ST setup and there really is a surprising paucity of options out there. I love the doorbird, but i’ve emailed them and they have made it very clear that they will not be integrating with anything. It does have an isolated relay contact so maybe you could do something super crude with that. Anyway, the aeon doorbell looks like it would also serve me well, but very interested in how/if it functions well in the ST ecosystem.

It functions fine with the posted device type.

I’ve found the button itself to not be /totally/ reliable in getting the thing to chime.

So I’m not 100% sure what your comment means, just to be sure you are getting something, anything, in your ST log when you press the remote button?

I have tried everything and ST does not recognize a button push no matter what I try.


I’m going to put together a new Config function that should get the button pushes working for you. Give me until Tuesday as I am working on something else. I think the issue is the order the device type I wrote sets up associations.


Thanks I appreciate the hard work.

I have put a new device type here. Please let me know how it works out. Once the association groups are set up properly, they should never have to be changed. Once the new device is installed, press the CONFIGURE button, wait at least two seconds and you should be good to go.

I spent the weekend testing and so far I am pleased with the functionality. Because the device has the capability “Switch Level”, I have been able to treat it like a dimmer and change the volume based on time of day. My doorbell “mutes (dim 0%)” each night at 10 pm and unmutes (dim 100%) each morning. TAKE THAT DOORBELL DITCHERS!


I having the same problem, placed the remote outside the door and in my hand it works and as soon as I put it back on the wall inches away it doesn’t work.

V[quote=“jpete243, post:115, topic:14924, full:true”]
I having the same problem, placed the remote outside the door and in my hand it works and as soon as I put it back on the wall inches away it doesn’t work.

Is the wall brick?

The button uses the 433 frequency to communicate to the speaker. It’s very short range. Sometimes changing the placement even by a few inches might make the difference, especially if you can get it near to glass or even the crack in the doorframe.

Sometimes people will drill a small hole through a wall just to let the signal through.

Try putting the button inside the house on the wall and see if it works from there. If it does, you probably just need to find a way to get the signal through the wall.

If it doesn’t work inside the house either, my guess would be that the battery is shifting when the button placed vertically or something like that. Examine all the connections and make sure they look good. Even try shifting orientation on the button itself by 180° and see if that helps.

I’m just mucking around with mine, too. I addded thoward1234’s new device type to My IDE, went to connect the Siren to the Hub - plugged it in, hit the button on the doorbell, now the central round LED and the amber LED icon on the hub are blinking - which the docs claim mean it’s in pairing mode and started New Device search on the iOS app. No luck. I’m in a room that has successfully paired a GE wall dimmer and Minimote, a bit aways from the v2 Hub, but Im gonna try and move closer to the hub anyway. In the meantime, any ideas?

Apparently slow blink isnt the pairing mode, I had to hold down button to get fast blink. Paired as Aeon Doorbell but get unexplained error. Lemme see if I can associate this with new device.

Yep, error others are getting:

500: Internal Server Error
Reference Id
Sat Nov 21 19:52:44 UTC 2015

Added @duncan’s code fix, Device properly registered now. All I need to do is think about how to use it; what do you all use the Doorbell event to trigger?

I’m more interests in using the speaker to play pre-recorded announcements. Laundry is done. Shuttle Bus leaves in five minutes. Stove top/oven left on. Etc.

That wouldn’t be too hard with the right device type and smart app. The documentation allow to send a command to play any saved wave file.

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