New Aeon Labs Doorbell: need device type help

Based on the early materials I read on this I don’t think the button is going to show as a separate device. I think one of two things are going to happen. Either:

One) the button will act as a separate end point to a multi endpoint device which has the sirens ID or

Two) the button will simply act as a remote that controls The siren, similar to the way that a GE add on switch acts with its master switch. Only wirelessly.

The siren device type might have to be modified so that the button can be processed. It depends how the notification is sent.

Do you know if the user guide is online for the device? It would probably give us some clues.

I guess all I’m saying is that I doubt if the button is a dud, I think more likely there’s a configuration step required that may require a custom device type.

First question: look at the back of the button itself. I’m assuming it’s battery-powered, you may need to look inside the battery compartment. This should be an FCC license label on it somewhere. If you can, take a screenshot of that and post it. That will tell us a lot.

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Found this:

NOTE: If for some reason the wireless button does not seem to communicate with the speaker or you need to exchange one of the parts, you may have to pair the components. To perform the pairing process, please press the Volume - and Volume + buttons at the same time - the led indicator on the speaker will start flashing rapidly. Press the wireless button once to complete pairing

Note: When the Doorbell enters into pairing mode, it has a 8 seconds timeout for pairing, so you need to press the new Wireless Button once within the 8 seconds pairing timeout.


Thanks for the purchase!

This is the very first batch of the product and you may have to pair the button with the siren first as pointed out by JDRoberts.

But also, when testing the product, remember to put it down on a table, do NOT hold the button in your hand as it will interfere with the signal and make it look like the range is terrible (we’ve been there…).

You should have no problem after that. Drop us a line if the product is still giving you trouble.


I am still waiting on mine. Already shipped but not yet received…

OK, in the weird but interesting category, the conformance statement for this device is really different from the one for the Siren!

The Siren is a scene actuator.

The doorbell is basically a switch.

I’m not sure what that’s going to mean for the device type, but anyone who’s interested in working on one should look at both conformance statements.

The + - pairing worked now the wireless button triggers the doorbell. I have it paired as a Siren in ST.

Next step to see if it will provide an alert when I ring it.

Also I notice an error when trying to change the Siren settings in ST.

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The Siren device type doesn’t seem to register when the button is pressed locally or when tested through the smartthings app. Both sound the Siren but nothing logs in smartthings so no notification.

Should I try another device type? Maybe a smartthings switch of some type?

Edit: ok i do get a “test command sent” in the log when using the ST app it was just severely delayed, however the Siren sounds but does not actuate as being on/off.

It is like the wireless button is sending a test that doesn’t actuate the siren from off to on and it also doesn’t show up in the log when pressed.

The physical button isn’t using zwave, it’s 433

OK, the picture tells us a lot. See the frequency on the doorbell button? That’s a 433 frequency, it’s the kind that security systems typically use. It’s sometimes called a Honeywell/Ademo frequency even though it’s not specific to those manufacturers.

That means the button part of this two-part device works exactly like the button on the two gig doorbell.

So the button does nothing except actuate the chime device. Smarthings will have no idea when the button itself is pushed. It won’t have an separate network ID, and it won’t send any Z wave commands. It’s really no different than just pushing a button on the chime device itself is far SmartThings is concerned.

So now the question is what does the chime device, which is a Z wave device, do when it gets that button push?

what does the chime device do when the physical button is pushed?

Just looking at the Command set, I think it does all its internal stuff to play the chime and I think it should show as a switch coming on. But according to the conformance statement it doesn’t have scene actuation, which the siren does.

Because I rely on text to speech, I can’t read the code for the device type for the siren. If somebody can look at that and see if it’s relying on scene commands, then we need a whole new device type for the doorbell.

Also, if the device type for the siren doesn’t have switch capability, we probably want to add that for the doorbell. ( it might have it already though especially if you can turn the siren on and off from the things screen, I just don’t know if it does.)

The doorbell does support Association, which I thought might be used with its own button, but it’s not. Because the button is a different frequency. So there’s probably something to be done with Association as well.

How do other zwave controllers see it?

The Smartest house (the retailer) says on their site they have it working with Homeseer and Vera. If they could let us know what device class they’re using that would also help a lot. Did they pair it as a switch? Did they pair it as a siren? Did the pair as a sensor? Did they use a different device class than they used for the Aeotech siren?

I’m going to guess that they used a switch, and they were able to subscribe to the switch as a momentary. But I have absolutely no idea. @TheSmartestHouse

sending parameter changes to the chime

I would also note that vera lets you reconfigure a device through their UI, and smartthings does not, so you’re not going to be able to change parameters without putting more stuff into the device type.

Well that’s just what I see from the pictures.

If the chime device is paired to SmartThings as a switch, and the button is locally paired to the chime device just with the 433 frequency standard method. (Nothing to do with zwave or smartthings), I think you’ll be able to toggle the chime from both SmartThings and the physical button. It will probably have to be a momentary button.

is it a momentary switch?

I’m not sure you’ll be able to turn it on, leave it sounding, and then later turn it off from SmartThings. Because I’m not sure how it turns itself off after the physical pushbutton actuates it. It may act like a momentary relay. Which is how a typical nonnetworked doorbell button works. It comes on briefly and then automatically returns to the off state.

Well, just some thoughts. More questions than answers, but maybe it’ll help. Spark some ideas. Hopefully more people will give it a try. But at least now we know how the button talks to the chime device and that that won’t have anything to do with smartthings. Nor can the button on its own be used with SmartThings, it will always need the chime device since that’s the part with the Z wave radio.

Wow, we have risen above my skill class.

I will now sit back and watch, if anyone needs anymore info let me know. I do see when I log into my developer account under devices the aeon siren shows “switch” and “alarm” both in the off state.

All I need at this point is a notification when the siren sounds using the wireless button.

So if I can help in anyway by testing anything please let me know, just write the instructions for a five year old.

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We tested the Doorbell with Vera and it connected as an on/off switch (Aeotec has tested it with Homeseer). At first it did nothing apart from on/off control so then we remembered that just like for the micro switches, all it takes to receive notifications is to set up parameter 80 to value 1 (1 bit dec) which will allow to report and overwrite status between manual and wireless on/off control. Not sure how it translates into SmartThings handlers though…

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That’s very helpful thanks!

@jpetrone do you know anyone besides Duncan who worked on a device type for the aeotech siren? We’re trying to come up with one for the newly released doorbell. And I can’t read the code (I rely on text to speech, and trust me, groovy with text to speech is no fun.)

@Robert_Vandervoort might have some ideas as well, he’s done a lot of work with device types for the Aeotech new generation on some of the other devices.

I’ve been wanting to pick up one of the doorbells, but haven’t yet, as I’ve been working on the multi sensor switch and dimmer all version six generation five. I’ve created device type for the multicenter six and the dimmer and the switch Paul are available on my github repository. Parameter 80 controls notifications sent by manually activating a device like the switch or dimmer. I’m at a restaurant at the moment but if memory serves default sends nothing 0. 1 sends a hail and 2 sends a basic set report. Basic set is most common for status updates on switches. I’d need to look at the doorbell spec sheet to say anything for certain. Do you have it @JDRoberts ?

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HA! And my wife says I don’t remember crap. Take that woman!

@droidguru Except the ST integration, does the doorbell work as regular bell? Can you load different MP3 ringtones?

It does work as a regular bell and yes you can load mp3’s onto the “siren” via a supplied USB cable.

The distance required from the bell to the plugin module is short, I have a plug right next to my door so no issues here but someone who puts it upstairs on the opposite end of the house might have issues.

Also the siren isn’t very loud (even at the highest volume) with the TV going and the kids running around the house I didn’t hear the bell when it was pressed. It also only sounds twice per push so it is sounding for a relatively short period of time.

This is all my opinion, I’ve been told that my hearing is great and my house is noisy so take it all with a grain of salt.

I’m going to try and take a louder more annoying mp3 and see if that helps, everything on their now is really short and I haven’t really had a chance to test other files yet.

Hope that helps.

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BTW, I don’t know if you saw it, but @Tyler said in the “suggest a device” thread that SmartThings is looking at creating an official device type for this. No idea where it is in the queue, though. :sunglasses:

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Aeon just contacted me about creating a device handler. They are mailing me a doorbell and garage door sensor / opener kit this week. :smile:


Do tell me how the garage door controller works, I’m keenly after both two of them and two doorbells.