New Aeon Labs Doorbell: need device type help

Still waiting on @Robert_Vandervoort to exit the bathroom! :wink:

I’ve been tinkering with things. I have got a device type to change Ringtone and Volume. Having difficulty though getting it to report when the doorbell is pushed. Right now it only reports a trigger from the app.

you likely need a handler to receive the basicset commands coming from the unit. Mine is coming in the mail… haven’t gotten tracking yet so not sure. I’ll be in Orlando most of the week next week for the Live 360 show anyways so It’ll be a sec before I’m writing code for it myself. Might be in “the bathoom” a while. :slight_smile:

Got my beta device type posted for people to try (if you want to try)

Aeon Doorbell Beta


How do I add a new device type?

Here you go. (This is a clickable link.)

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Just posted a new update; hopefully it fixes the issues in the last update.

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So I took the code, replaced it with Duncan’s edits and the device loaded and allowed me to switch from a siren to thowards custom device without the error I was getting earlier.

Everything looks like it should and I can change the settings directly from the device edit page.

However when I press the remote button it does not register in the ST log. Therefore I really can’t utilize the bell as it is intended to be used. I’m basically trying to get a simple notification when the remote button is pressed.

I’ll keep playing with it but this seems like a dead end. If anyone has suggestions or advice please yell, thanks!

Edit: After playing around with it for an hour I just re-read the initial post “no notifications yet”, so I feel like an idiot. It does however seem to be functioning with just the phone. My kids have been pressing the virtual button all night long!

I spent a few hours figuring this out. In order to get notifications from the button press, just press the Configure button. That sends config commands to 1. Register for low battery; 2. Receive messages from the doorbell button.

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So can you give some ideas of what we can do with this custom device type that we couldn’t do before? So far all I can think of is a separate door/window/sensor chime than the doorbell? Is that working? Also, it sounds like your volume is more configurable, but does it get louder? Or quieter? Or just more in between choices…

I wrote this device type because one didn’t exist for the doorbell features; just the siren. I also wanted to learn about zwave device interactions. This is a basic device type that does a couple of things

  1. It enables receiving notification when the door bell button is pushed (since the button is not zwave, it relies on the siren to send notification)
  2. It enables receiving battery notifications for the door bell
  3. It allows setting volume (it works and can get quite loud based on the ringtone), number of rings, and choosing the ringtone.
  4. It allows muting the doorbell (which I added because of doorbell ditchers)

In the future, I hope to add:

  1. Scheduled ON/OFF
  2. Chime/Alarms based on sensors, prescence, etc
  3. Use the doorbell to trigger lights
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  1. Loading custom device type.
  2. Pairing doorbell with ST as the custom device type.
  3. Sounding siren using app.
  4. Changing settings through browser under device.

Partially Successful:

  1. Updating configuration from app.
  2. Changing settings through app.

I have gotten this to work once or twice but I haven’t been able to send a configure command with any consistency.


  1. Anything involving the remote button. It sounds the siren but nothing in the log and nothing in the app.

When I was working with this, I thought I had it figured. Here is what I know; Only a device associated as group 1 can receive notice of the doorbell button. Only devices set as group 2 can change volume ringtone, etc. I put in the code to set association groups in a couple of places. It is set sending a command, option 80 with a value of 2 which I put in the configuration button. I’ll look at my code. I thought I had it correct … Once set it works great.

Thanks I will keep playing with it on my end but the code looks like a foreign language to me. Still it is fun to play around with, I love this stuff and wish I knew a bit more so I could technically troubleshoot better. Nevertheless thank you for you effort!

The SmartThings hub puts itself in group one. You’ll have to put it in group two if you also need it there. That’s in the Z wave developer docs. Probably under set association.

What is the size of the doorbell button? And mounting options? This looks like it is going to turn into an awesome thing but the actual doorbell button has me wondering.


Screw mount

How close to being ready for prime time is this integration? I’m very interested in adding a doorbell to my ST setup and there really is a surprising paucity of options out there. I love the doorbird, but i’ve emailed them and they have made it very clear that they will not be integrating with anything. It does have an isolated relay contact so maybe you could do something super crude with that. Anyway, the aeon doorbell looks like it would also serve me well, but very interested in how/if it functions well in the ST ecosystem.

It functions fine with the posted device type.

I’ve found the button itself to not be /totally/ reliable in getting the thing to chime.

So I’m not 100% sure what your comment means, just to be sure you are getting something, anything, in your ST log when you press the remote button?

I have tried everything and ST does not recognize a button push no matter what I try.