NEW: Aeon Home Energy Monitor v2 Device

Ok, good. This is progress.

Are you using HEM v1 or v2? Your post above (#230) says you have v1. If so, try this device type:

The Configure button won’t do anything immediately. It defines how the HEM works to get data, how often, and other conditions.

Cost and the other blank tiles will work as long as the right device type is used depending upon what version of the HEM you’re using.

Hey @johnconstantelo,
I have an Aeon HEM v1

I installed the new device type you pointed me towards, excluded the HEM, and then included it again, ensured that the HEM is using the new device type. kWh and cost are still not working. I am using batteries in the HEM as I’m waiting on a different USB cord to power it.


Hi @stewartad1, excellent more progress.

If I remember right, I think someone else had a problem with cost. Edit the device in the app, or go to the IDE, and make sure the $/kWh is properly set in Preferences. Even if you see something, just retype the number.

Also, since you are on batteries for now, there is a forced 4 minute delay on how often the HEM sends data per Aeon’s documentation:

If HEM is using batteries, the minimum wake up interval is 4 minutes. The wake up is rounded up to the
nearest 4 minute interval

I’d let it work for a while, as well as get it USB powered. It looks like everything should be working for you. Once you get the USB cable plugged in, make sure to tap on the Configure tile.

Also, I see you’re using this on iOS, and that will make some of the tiles look a little differently than on Android:

Thanks for all the help @johnconstantelo. For cost I have 0.09 as the setting. Any way to adjust the tiles to fit iOS? I’ll report back in a few days once the USB cable arrives. Do you know if theres a way to log/save the usage each month? Thanks again

It was the batteries, accumulate kWh when on battery power is disabled by default, can be turned on though. Thanks again for all your help

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I’m sure there is because someone else had a similar issue with a different device type. You can try changing the device type code - specifically lines 88 and 91 - from “height: 2” to “height: 3”.

Yes! I specifically use Grovestreams. It’s easy to set up and use:



is there anyway to pull data from smarthings for home energy useage to store in a Database and have external graphing? hasn’t anyone setup it up in such a way yet?

I wish I knew how to write the code to do such a project as I would love to ship all of my logs off to splunk. However for this I’m using the Plotwatt that is mentioned above and the smart app for that. Its shipping all of my usage off and I can graph it there. Splunk would be a lot more fun though since with splunk I can also import my daily solar production as well.

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I’m looking back at Initialstates again. There are some threads listing all the possibilities. Bidgely was a good one for a while too. Grovestreams is popular as well.

does anyone have a working copy for android on a git repo i could fork?

nm, found it at

I really need help with this. No matter how many times I push reset, refresh, or unplug the unit entirely, it always shows a running total for kWh and cost. I want it to reset every day so I can create automations based on daily usage, but nothing I do will reset the kWh or cost values. I installed Pollster but it still won’t reset these values, it just performs a regular reset on all the other current values just like pushing the reset tile. Can you be more specific on how you are able to reset the kWh to ZERO on some sort of schedule? Thank you so much. This thread has been amazing.

@johnconstantelo, is the device type for V1 HEM still available. The link you show does not wok.

@damohabir, yes it is. Apologies for the link error. I’ve been cleaning things up and missed this one. I’ve fixed it above, but just in case, here it is:

Please note that the latest version of ST’s mobile app v2.0.8 has issues with formatting of tile attributes, which makes this now look different compared to the image above in post 237.


Thank you much…

Does V1 of the Home Energy meter report battery status? If so, how can I get the status of the battery? I am powering it with the USB power adapter, with battery as a backup, but it would be nice to know the battery level.

@johnconstantelo Trying your HEMv1 code on ios and it works great but it never seems to show max usage, it shows nothing at all below the min line. any ideas?

That is interesting. I am using the same code. I installed it all on Saturday. Mine is showing Max usage but Min is blank.
Here is what I have:

Min was null
Max was 3419 on 2016-02-02 4:49 PM

That’s odd, and could be caulked up to ST still not being consistent between Android and iOS, BUT/AND…

ST’s recent v2.0.8 release has totally hosed up formatting:

On Android running v2.0.8 of the ST app, I can adjust the font size (in the OS) to “tiny” and I can barely make out the second line now.

I am on Android and still running on 2.0.6.