NEW Advanced User App for SmartThings Web!

For years, the SmartThings Community has used the Graph IDE tool for advanced features, more detailed views on their smart home, and to further innovate the SmartThings platform with custom integration created by you. As we have moved away from legacy Groovy integrations, the Graph IDE has slowly lost much of its utility and as previously announced, will eventually be deprecated.

With this in mind, we are extremely excited to have launched a new Advanced Web App for SmartThings to help replace many of the important functions of the old Legacy Graph IDE.

Accessing the Advanced Web App

This Advanced Web App is available right now by going to!

Alternatively, you can access it at any time from SmartThings Web by selecting the “Settings (⋮)” and choosing “Advanced”.



From the Locations tab, you can see important information about your Location and Rooms.

This includes being able to:

  • Edit existing Locations and Rooms or add new ones.
  • View UUIDs (used for API calls) for Locations or Rooms.
  • Change the current Location Mode and add new Modes.
  • Search SmartThings events for the Location.


From the Hubs tab, there will be a summary of details about your hubs as well as an easier way to confirm which driver channels you are enrolled in and which installed drivers are on the hub.

From here, you can:

  • View metadata about your hub as well as the status of its various smart home functions.
  • Select and view driver channels and be redirected to the driver sharing portal.
  • Select and view installed Edge drivers on the hub.


From the Devices tab, not only can you view and edit devices from your locations, but you can also send commands via the Advanced Web App.

Some other features include:

  • Filtering device lists by online/offline state, Location, Room, device type, etc.
  • Changing the driver for a device (still requires it to fingerprint properly).
  • Viewing the attributes of your device and sending commands.
  • Searching events for a specific device.
  • Adding virtual devices by selecting “Add a new Device”.

Scenes and Installed Apps

From the Scenes and Installed apps tabs, you can edit your Scenes and view information about your installed SmartApps.

These tabs will:

  • Show metadata about your SmartApps or Scenes
  • Allow for Scene control

The Graph IDE has been a staple of the SmartThings Community since it first launched, and we are so excited to bring you this new tool to take its place as we continue to build out the SmartThings platform. With this in mind, we will shut down access to the Legacy Graph IDE after July 10, 2023.

In the meantime, we look forward to adding new features to the SmartThings Advanced Web app and have opened a new section of the SmartThings Community here where you can make feature requests, call out bugs, or discuss the Advanced Web app with others.

Thanks for your continued support as we grow and build the SmartThings ecosystem.


This is an enormously welcome addition. Thank you.


Yes, very welcome.

There was a community discussion thread opened up on this this morning:

My SmartThings for Advanced Users (SmartThings Advanced Web App)


Several very important items missing from the new Advanced Web App:

  • Z-Wave and Zigbee Utilities
  • Z-Wave and Zigbee Route Mapping
  • Hub commands (ping, reboot, etc)
  • Hub event logging
  • Z-Wave and Zigbee network ID for devices
  • Ability to send hub logs to support

When might we expect to see these items added since the IDE goes away in 11 days?

Other feedback:

  • Without device label in the event history for a Location, you don’t know what device it is when you multiples of the same device type
  • Characteristics is spelled wrong in the Hub detail view (Characterisics)
  • It would be nice to have a listing of the ST App Routines and Rules API rules

A couple of important features missing which are there in the graph IDE

  1. Reboot the hub (there needs to be a way to remotely reboot the hub, whether for developer support or just stability)
  2. Send hub logs (required for dev support when reporting issues with drivers/hubs)
  3. Z-Wave repair (would be nice to have feature incase the mobile app is down)
  4. Adjust ZigBee rejoin settings (nice to have)

Some new features would be much appreciated

  1. Z-Wave and ZigBee network topology
  2. Device DNI information (not the UUID but the Z-Wave/ZigBee/Matter/WiFi Device Network Id’s) - this will help with debugging device issues and ghost network issues (this is a big problem with z-wave/zigbee networks)

You have a few icons to choose from, for scenes.

If only they would provide more than the current meager selection for devices. But as long as I can remember they have been resistant on the icon front :face_with_diagonal_mouth:.

Think those have been in the mobile app for awhile.

You are probably correct, I only have 4 scenes, I got rid of them all when I went on the beta, and don’t have much use for them.

Happy times! Thanks!


In SmartThings Hub menu, there is a info about Zigbee OTA updates status. In Advanced Web App status is false but in mobile app it is true. Can you check this out?

The setting in the mobile app is working with the zigbeeOta setting which takes the values 0, 1 or 2.

The Advanced Web App seems to be accuratedly reporting otaEnable as false.

This is a good improvement. Thank you! Two glaringly obvious requirements:

1 - backup/restore function
2 - hub reboot


Another vote for the backup/restore feature!


Backup/restore is always going to be complicated in a largely cloud-based system because it creates the possibility that a customer might restore the hub from a backup that is no longer compatible with the cloud, making it impossible to recover. Smartthings engineering staff have discussed that issue in years past and noted that other largely cloud-based systems, such as the voice assistants, don’t offer a back up/restore either for this reason. So, while I agree it would be great to have, we’ve never had it before, and I understand it might be an architectural challenge.

On the other hand… Displaying the Z wave device ID seems like basic essential information. It’s needed to set up Z wave direct associations even for Aeotec devices like the wallmote. We did have it in the old IDE, and I would like to see it included in the new advanced user web page as soon as possible. :sunglasses:


Great start. A few missing items:

  • Rules
  • Automations




Device Panel, Preferences.

I have an on/off setting in my device panel which the UI always shows false.

Here’s the cli and the UI display. Trust me it’s the same device.

See the Sync value is displayed as True in the CLI but false in the UI.


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Just to be explicit, please don’t forget ‘Change Zigbee channel’ in ZigBee Utilities


I’m not sure that’s going to be available in the new architecture since thread and Zigbee now use the same radio and I suspect they are going to be agile.

If so, the user won’t be able to set the channel, but it shouldn’t matter, because the radio should do its own adjustments, which the old architecture did not do. :thinking:


Oh! The fun never stops :grinning:

Thanks for the warning/heads up

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