New ADT partnership, new touchscreen hub and devices 10/29/2017



What does this code allow you to do?


The price on this has been dropped to $199. Same price as ring but better equipment. Hopefully it’s to compete with Ring and not that their discontinuing this.

(Mike Davis) #774

Considering returning my ADT Hub.

I had the V2 hub, had it set up with about 20 sensors total, everything working great. Using the Smart Home Monitor as kind of a psudo alarm system. Bought a siren. Everything is looking good.

Then I decide, it would be cool to have a screen where I could arm or disarm if I want to, or if for some reason my presence sensor fails to detect my phone, so I can just walk in the door and disarm it.

That leads me to buying the ADT + ST bundle kit. But so far, I dont like it.

First of all, I have this new screen called “home security” but it doesnt show me if the system is active or the status or anything like Home Solutions does.

I cant use presence to arm the system without using some web core thing I havent even begun to research yet.

I now have some ADT option pestering me about signing up for their subscription which I dont want.

Worse, the fancy sensors that are supposively so much better than the standard ones wont even pair right. They show up fine in the “my things” area, but dont show up in the home security section. It just says “You have no monitorable devices”.

I am sitting here thinking, I spent $200 bucks for what is essentially a more complicated, annoying, and what feels to me to be a worse alarm system than the basic “Smart Home Monitor” that comes with smart things.

Is it less secure? Sure, but honestly I dont care if its double encrypted or all that. I just want a siren to go off if someone breaks out my window or comes in through the door. My only real concern at this point is if smartthings goes down, which I hear it does from time to time, if this siren goes off thats going to be annoying. But hey I guess I can just unplug it or turn off the siren.

I cant believe I reprogrammed all my devices to this hub and now I am actually considering going back to my V2 hub and doing it all again…

Anyone know if samsung plans to discontinue the Smart Home Monitor? I hope not because at this point I think that is all the “alarm system” I need.

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Check out ADT Tools. It will add many smartthings integration features to the ADT Smartthings Panel that are not present by default.

The home security dashboard should be showing you the ADT Alarm Panel state. That would allow you to arm and disarm from you phone easily.

The fact items are showing as not monitored is because you didn’t go through the setup completely. You need to do a walk through test to make sure they are all responding properly with the panel. It is the last step in setup of the door window sensor

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Are you saying that the “Home Security” panel on the Dashboard of the “old” SmartThings app is empty and only shows the perpetual spinner? This is a known issue I reported to ST back in April and they confirmed it. Until they can get their act together, you can (and should) do two things:

  1. Open a support ticket about the issue and keep requesting updates.
  2. Force-quit and re-open the application if it doesn’t show the status. This (100% reproducible for me) restores the status on the Dashboard.

I cant use presence to arm the system without using some web core thing I havent even begun to research yet.

I’m using webCoRE for this and would be happy to share…


Thinking about getting the package since it is supposed to be $99 from Samsung next week.

Most of the reviews, however, seem to imply that it will not work with existing (non ADT labeled) ST devices and doesn’t show in the ST app. Is this (still?) the case?

Wondering how well it would integrate in with my existing devices/ setup…


(Jimmy) #778

Your questions are answered in this thread. Tl;dr:

  1. normal zwave and zigbee sensors can’t be used for alarm monitoring (intrusion, smoke and leak)
  2. it works in both SmartThings apps


Where did you happen to see it’s going to be $99? I looked the Samsung previews but didn’t see this Adt/SmartThings Hub. I just bought it for $199 and would love to get price matched.


See below - actually starts on 11/18.


Not sure which reviews you were looking at, but the answers are both in this thread above and also in the forum FAQ:

Originally it only worked with the classic app, but I understand that it now worked with both apps. :sunglasses:


ADT has updated their FAQ for this system on their own site: