New ADT partnership, new touchscreen hub and devices 10/29/2017


(Damion Farah) #614

Is this panel available in the uk ?

(Christopher) #615

Right now it appears to only be available in the US.

(Scttq) #616

I saw a blip in the ST service early in the morning last weekend. The only impact to the security side (ADT side) is that you can’t use the ST app to arm/disarm. You can of course use the control panel like a traditional alarm. Alarm events are sent directly from the alarm side via cell data to ADT.

(Scott Purkey) #617

So I have been using the ADT Smart Things for about 6 weeks now. I currently use the Arm Stay as I am still adjusting the motion sensors so my cats do not set them off. SO when I get up in the morning the Alarm is already set for Alarm Stay. When I leave I do the quick Exit button and go out the door. This does not create a log as I am not really Disarming the system. Well Yesterday I had an Interesting thing happen. I came home from work and my system was Not Armed. I checked the log and there was no record of it being disarmed but I did have the following two Records:
Programming Mode Started Jan10, 1:07 PM
Programming Mode terminated Jan 10, 1:07 PM

I went into the app on my phone and it stilled showed that the system was armed. I pressed the Disarm button in the App but it just showed the working icon. I force closed the App after about 30 seconds and armed and disarmed the system at the panel. I then reopened the app and it matched what the panel said and allowed me to arm the system through the App.

This is the first problem I have had and it is a little disconcerting as I had no way of knowing the system was not armed while I was away from the house. I will keep an Eye on it and see if it happens again.
Does anybody know what “Programming Mode Started” means? The only thing I can think of is it might be an update of some kind.


Last few comments has be thinking if I should re consider buying the Google Nest Secure alarm system over this =P. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles and automation ,but it might be a solid self monitor alarm system.


I’ve had a recurring issue that I wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing: Frequently after I use the ADT hub panel to arm the system, when I later open the ST app it will not load the current ADT status under the “Home Security” card on the main screen. If I go to the “Security Manager” page in the ST app, it says at the top “We were unable to retrieve the state of your ADT…” Force closing the ST app and re-opening fixes it everytime. Anyone else having this issue? Thoughts?

(Christopher) #620

The same thing happens to me. I have a ticket open with support for another issue ADT issue and they are aware of the issue you mentioned. Hopefully they figure out what’s going on.

(Scott Purkey) #621

I have had the same issue with the App not showing the alarm status. I just force close and reopen it and all is good. It is a pain but hope they fix it soon.

(Scttq) #622

Was just at Best Buy and saw that the ADT/ST sensors are 20% off now, $5 off door/window and $8 off motion.

(Christopher) #623

Thanks again! This just saved me a few hours of heartache. I built a piston to arm stay, arm away or disarm based on location mode. It’s working flawlessly with the updated parameter string you mentioned. Auto arm/disarm scored me major points with the wife. :slight_smile:

(Christopher) #624

Are you still liking the key fob? Best Buy has it on sale for $19.99, so I was thinking of picking one up. Just curious as to how it’s holding up and if you still see value in it. Cheers!

(Joey) #625

I’m just curious if when you guys without the SHM set up the panel if you set it up under a SmartThings Account or if you set it up under a Samsung account. When I first got my panel I set it up using my SmartThings account (at the startup screen of smartthings you click “I’m a SmartThings User”). When I set it up like this I didn’t have SHM. I now have it setup under my Samsung account (Click “New to SmartThings”) Even though I use the same e-mail address for both but when I click “New to SmartThings” it logs you in with your Samsung account which is what I am using now and I have the SHM.

(Christopher) #626

Interesting! I set mine up under my SmartThings account and I do not have SHM visible. I’ve never used SHM, so I guess I didn’t care one way or another if I had it with ADT.


So your auto disarm works perfectly as well? When I set mine up the auto disarm on presence worked maybe 1 out 3 times.


Interesting. I’ll have to try this.

(Stephen) #629

Please look at reviews. I really wanted the Nest as well but there are lots of issues it appears.

(Christopher) #630

I’ve configured my arm / disarm to change based on my location mode. So she. I leave I execute the “goodbye” routine and my ADT panel automatically arms. I’ve had configured this way for about a week and it’s worked 100% of the time. I presume that if I configured my “goodbye” to execute on my presence that the system would arm correctly. All of my configuration had been done in WebCoRE.


Yea i did the same with the goodbye routine. Unfortunately when i setup up “I’m Back” to disarm on presence it would not work. It wouldn’t even work when I just manually select the I’m Back routine.

(Christopher) #632

So here is the piston I’m using in WebCoRE to send the actual commands to the panel. Does yours look similar to this? Mine is working for all three modes.


So i have my pistons setup as routines. So “if” is goodbye for armedaway. I have “if” I’m back for disarmed. Ill try is your way to see if that works out. Thanks!