New 17.00012 firmware causing delays

anyone else notice that since we upgraded the firmware to version 000.017.00012 that automation has a delay of aprox 30 seconds when adding set SHM to disarm that it did with the previous firmware?
Also if adding unlock door locks adds aprox 5-10 second delay
In my case I have my garage doors open when I have my phone presence detected. Before it started opening my door 3-4 houses away but now I end up waiting at the door for 30 seconds. But if I disable setting SHM to disarm and disable unlocking doors it will work just as it did before.

Basically the hub is running much slower than it use to with the new firmware update.

(I have tried unplugging and removing batteries to hard reboot my hub as the new firmware also messed up my door locks and would not see them I had to remove and re-install them)

Yeah we are in the Wink Age, Wink v1 that is…

Are you sure it’s since the new firmware? A couple of other community members have reported they’ve been having delay issues for about three weeks, and some of them had reported it to support before the new firmware update. It could just be a coincidence, of course.

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It could be a coincidence but that is all that has changed in my system in the last month. and definitely setting SHM to disarm which causes the worst delay.

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I have also noticed a delay in SHM disarming. I have a core piston that disarms SHM and sends a notification “alarm disarmed” at the same time. Ive set my alarm off twice in the last week because I received the notice but SHM had not actually disarmed yet…

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