Never jumped to 2.0.7 Android version.. safe now or wait? Opinions?

I happened to change the auto install of the Smartthings Android app to not auto install… Then 2.0.7 came out and I saw all sorts of complaints about it… yet 2.0.7 still remains the latest. Do you feel it’s safe for me to upgrade? I have a v2 hub.

Thanks… :smile:

Dont bother/ Nothing but headaches/errors

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The Things view is improved, but “unexpected errors” galore! It’s a wash.

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Works just fine. YMMV

Out of the three clients I use, Android, IOS & windows phone. The android client is the most reliable by far

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Aside from the ‘log out’ issue on iOS, the app works just fine on GF’s iPhone.

i have issues where the ios app constantly goes on a go slow. For example I know if I define an rule in rule machine, I know that if I don’t quit the app then go back in before I define another I will get a timeout error