Never before seen hub event entry : Err 114: Device is responsive, use exclusion removal process

I was checking on some weird hub behavior when I saw this message:

You know what the funny part is about this? NOBODY is home and something is trying to exclude a device? WTH!

Tagging anyone at ST to look at this… @tpmanley

Ticket # 671288

@johnconstantelo This error is sent when you attempt to force delete a Z-Wave device but the device is functioning/responsive or if the device sent “Device Reset Locally” (as part of Factory Reset).

In this case, the device sent “Device Reset Locally” which means the device is planning to reset its network and leave the network.

In your case, the I looked at your hub logs, and your device (Will message its info in PM) sent Device Reset Locally, but did not actually leave the network, seems like a device issue.