Neutral connection

hi everyone,does any one have try to instal the aeotec micro smart switch with out the neutral, if the ose doesnt have a neutral how do you fix it??
thanks :smile:

Best thing to do in this situation is install the microswitch in the junction box with the light fixture, then use the switch wiring as normal.

I have seen this suggestion before but when I look at the micro switch manual it still requires a neutral.
It says “Neutral (White wire) Note! If this wire is not present in the box, a neutral wire must be pulled into the box.”

If there is no neutral in the junction box with the switch, there will be a neutral in the junction box with the light. You can install the microswitch in the junction box with the light, and use the exisiting “switch loop” wiring to run from the switch back up to the microswitch.


Ah…now that makes sense. Thanks for that clarification !

i am sorry, but my engish is not that good and google translate does not elp to much, do you have any picture or grafic about wha did you mean please, thanks :smile:

The Aeon micro relay needs a neutral.

Most smart switches need a neutral. They are wired differently because even when it looks like the switch is off, it has to still really be on so it can recognize the next “on” command.

In many older houses, the neutral wire was run to the wall receptacles and to the light fixtures, but not necessarily to the box that holds the actual switch.

So an electrician can usually “fish” up a neutral from elsewhere in the wall, which just means grab it with a plastic hook and pull it up. But don’t try this yourself if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing!

Also, there are some types of wiring, particularly a kind called “knob and tube” or K&T where you will not be able to find the neutral inside the wall.

So it may be a case where you have to have an electrician come look at your wiring and figure out the best way to get the lines you need to the switch box. Or if it might be possible to put the relay someplace else on the circuit, like in the lighting fixture box.

See the following FAQ. It has pictures.