networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S2_FAILED

@Kianoosh_Karami or anyone else that can help, I have added a GE 240 Volt switch That supports S2 Security. I was never asked for the security key when pairing. The ide shows * networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S2_FAILED but the switch functions fine. How can eliminate this error. I am on a V3 hub using the default DTH, “Z-Wave Metering Switch”.

SmartThings doesn’t have S2 implemented yet. So what you have now is correct.

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Should it not at least show: ZWAVE_S0_DOWNGRADE or do they mean the same thing?

not sure. If it seems to be working correctly, i wouldn’t worry about it.

This switch is protecting not only my well but also protecting my home from being flooded from a potential leak. Not worrying about it is not an option.

It sounds like the device didn’t securely include. ZWAVE_S2_FAILED indicates the device supports S2 but did not securely include. Because S2 is not currently supported, you will see ZWAVE_S0_DOWNGRADE for devices that securely include and support S2. Take a look at the raw description in the IDE. If you see something like zw:L, note there is no “s” indicating "securely joined, then that would explain it. You could try to pair it again if you wanted.

It did show zw:L. I re paired it and had the same results.

@Brad_ST, After doing a little snooping, I discovered that the switch was using this DTH: Z-Wave Metering Switch. I saw that there is a DTH that is called: Z-Wave Metering Switch Secure. Switching it to the Secure DTH did not update the status to S0. Is there a way to re pair it and force it to pair with the Secure DTH?

Edit: maybe using the replace function?? Nevermind, tried it and that did not work.

It just will not pair using the secure DTH. Seems like a bug to me.

How far from the hub is the switch?

As the crow flies about 6 feet on the other side of a wall. I also probably have close to.70 or more Z wave devices if that matters.


It’s this device, right?

I took a look at ~10 of those paired on the platform and none of them are securely included. So you’re definitely not alone in this issue.

That is it.

I have some different brand zwave switches and all say zwave_S2_failed.

Is this NOT the expected behavior?

@ImStillMe - I have lots of S2 devices and I never recall seeing the DOWNGRADE status. I believe (but I would have to check to be sure) that they all say S2 Failed. It was my understanding that it doesn’t harm anything and I can confirm all my devices work fine. Once full support for S2 has been implemented, I’ll have the joy (sarcastic) of pairing all the devices again as swapping DTHs will not work.

EDIT: I believe @Kianoosh_Karami had said it was normal behavior in this transition period (but I can’t find the post).

EDIT2: Also, we might be seeing S2 support soon as this timeframe estimate said April-May was the target. Hopefully we can get an update on what the new estimate is since we are now in June.

Wonder if S2 is part of the app beta that was posted?

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