Network Status ThingShield Help

(Ricardo Mootz) #1

OK, I just want to say that im not an expert but not completely a noob either.

So i have my ThingShield plugged into the Arduino, it was recognized by the app and I can see it in the SDK but when i tried the examples I cannot get anything working. When i try the NetworkStatus LED Example ive only been able to get a green light which is UNKNOWN so it tells me absolutely nothing!.

Any suggestions? :confused:

(Todd Wackford) #2

Did you load the appropriate sketch into the arduino?

If your just learning the arduino side, start here:

Hope this helps,

(Ricardo Mootz) #3

Do i need to load anything aside from the network status led sketch?

I did a little arduino tutorial and it seems easy enough, i got basic things working. But i cannot get the network status to change from green

(Ricardo Mootz) #4

I find this very odd. I uploaded the stLEDwithNetworkStatus sketch but added the line " Serial.println(tempstate);" and the result of that is it prints the number 5 which is odd because it isnt any of the cases which are state_leaving, state_joined_noparent, state_joining, state_no_network.

there must be something very simple wrong, i know that when its fixed ill be like β€œwas that it”.

(Ricardo Mootz) #5

Do not buy arduino from EBAY! specially from china! some pins werent working and after pulling my hair, trial and error i managed to get it working by testing with some cables from pin x and y to pin 2 and 3 on arduino.

(Todd Wackford) #6

Glad you found it. You got a working 'duino now?

(Andrew Urman) #7

Uh Oh. Also know that there is a switch on the ThingShield labeled D0D1/D2D3 when working with the Arduino at the moment make sure it is always on D2D3.