Network error when using color option for lightify

Automation runs with the RGBW A19 lightify set to variable white but network error when RGB selected. All lightify RBGW bulbs are now variable whites in the automation app. I’ve deleted and rejoined. Bulb rejoins at 5200K setting. Weird. Also a turning off problem arose at the same time.

I have automations that turn my lightify strips certain colors on certain days. They are working as scheduled, but when I go into those automations, I can see that there’s something wrong with the way colors are selected. So I’m not touching them. I’m afraid if I go in and edit those automations I will lose control of my set up.

Something definitely is not right. I used to use webCoRE heavily for these kinds of things, but seeing as how that’s not going to last forever I’ve been trying to use the smart things app for most things. This is not a good “teller” of the future in my book.

I also have a network error when I try to save an automation which changes the colour of a Phillips Hue light.
If I remove the colour change from the automation and keep the intensity change and other settings, I can save the automation properly.
I hope somebody finds a way to resolve this or maybe an update :crossed_fingers:


I have experienced the same issue with Hue bulbs and other wifi lights (light strips).
Please fix this issue.

It has screwed up most of my automations with colour in them!
The slow decline of a usable platform continues (IMHO), Working towards getting a better education in HE, and once complete (as much as I hate to, enjoyed ST for years) time to move on.


Anyone notice the Classic Smartthings Smart Lighting now working? The time, period of time, day of week can be put in. I 'm back to using it for my color option on the RGBW bulbs. The Automations app still not accepting RGBW, only white. The Classic unfortunately works only on preset colors, but better than nothing.