Netgear’s 4g lte-enabled arlo go security camera

Looks like Arlo has a 4G camera coming out. It’s only $450 each hahahaha.


Was so excited for a moment as I need something exactly like this. Unfortunately the specs are disappointing for its intended use. Honestly I would pay the $450 if it fit my use.

Major drawbacks for my use would be 720p, 23 feet limitation on night vision / motion sensing and AT&T only connectivity. My use would be mounted ~15ft high, and need at a min 50+ feet visibility / motion sensing (720p just will not cut it at that distance).

Checkout detailed specs here:

Looking forward to Alro Go v2 :grin: or hope some competitors step up with similar ‘all in one’ products. Does anyone know of anything already out there similar?

ya I about fell out of my chair laughing at that ridiculous price.