NETGEAR Arlo Smart Home Security Camera £49.97

For anyone who wants the NETGEAR Arlo Smart Home Security Camera Curry’s have it on clearance @ £49.97, only problem is no stock except in Edinburgh. Maplin are selling it for £119.99 but will price match the Curry’s price :slight_smile: Just bought mine!

There’s some available in Rochdale too. Do they work standalone or do you need to subscribe to the service (or more equipment)?

You will need a bridge - these are add-ons.

I was actually going to buy another this week, and was disappointed to see that the price of the add-ons at Amazon has gone up by £33. Edinburgh is too far away for me and is a shame as I will be there next month!

Sorry, I should have made that clear, you do need an Arlo base station and an Arlo account to use the camera on smartthings.

Yes you will need a base (sorry I said bridge before), and you also need an Arlo account.

On Amazon the best deal is the 2 camera kit at £249.