Netgear Arlo Pro Device Type Handler details tile icon missing?

Hello Community,

I have noticed in the last week that the “signal strength indicator for connection to wifi / Arlo base station” tile on the details page for my Arlo Pro device is blank / displays no icon. It used to display the 2/3 or 3/3 bars strength icon, but now just displays nothing at all. The tile for it is still on the details page (between the motion detection and audio detection tile icons), but just displays nothing at all (blank white tile).

This is not happening the same for my standard (non-Pro) Arlo device on its details page; instead it displays the expected 3/3 bars strength icon.

Tapping the refresh tile on my Arlo Pro device’s details page does not refresh the blank signal strength indicator tile and it remains blank. Going to the native Arlo app confirms that the Arlo Pro camera in question is indeed online / active and has signal strength of some kind (2/3 or 3/3 bars).

This is on Android 7.0

Has anyone else noticed this at all? The Arlo (Connect) SmartApp code and code for all the associated DTHs doesn’t appear to be on the SmartThingsPublic github branch (probably because they don’t want us to see the inner workings of the source code for some reason), and so I’m unable to check whether or not the code for the Arlo Pro DTH has been recently updated / modified and caused this issue that I am seeing.

Any input or help is appreciated, as I have become solely reliant on checking the signal strength indicator (as well as other information) for all my Arlo cameras only in the SmartThings app, and not bothering to use the native Arlo app at all.

Many thanks in advance,

Having this same problem, and unable to view the live stream for my cameras in the ST app. Motion events are still working, but all tiles except for the refresh and battery % are blank. I’ve not changed my Arlo password recently, so no re-authorization prompt in the Arlo Connect smartapp.

CC: @twack