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Netatmo Weather Station?

(Derek) #61

What exactly odes this mean? I can copy it over from your ide to mine? If so, how? Been a while since I have been in there.

(Tim Slagle) #62

In the top right of the app code window you’ll see a browse shared apps section. use that or just copy and paste :smile:

(Derek) #63

ahhh…I see it now. Thanks. I was expecting it to be before you started an app.

(Marius) #64

Thanks for sharing it :slight_smile: … Looks very cool

(Daniel Consuegra) #65

I’ve currently got the Netatmo thermostat… Any ideas on how to use the code in here to integrate it with ST?

I’m no Dev but can be of assistance in beta testing…

Would be awesome to use a Hello, home phrase to wake the house up and raise the temp in winter…

(Justin) #66

Has anyone been able to pull the actual weather (ie rain sun snow into the netatmo tile?

(Cooper Lee) #67

The ST released NetAtmo code only seems to support the two primary devices although the “Connect” app allows for selection of the other sensors. This is an obvious bug as I have looked at the debug in detail and it only ever creates 2 children… Likely a different device-type for the other sensors or some other discrepancy… Anyone know who wrote the code for this and if there is an update or a non ST released version available somewhere? I am not too motivated to rewrite this… I am guessing @Dianoga wrote it - any news on this?

(NotoiousBDG) #68

@Dianoga has already submitted the fix, according to:

Now we’re just waiting for it to be published…

(Kenny Voorhees) #69

Ufortunately I deleted my netatmo integration app and because Netatmo changed their website, you can no longer reconnect. It fails during the connect step and you can’t choose any devices. So not only do I not have my 3 additional modules that don’t work, but the Netatmo integration is 100% broken and unusable for new customers. My understanding is that if you just leave the existing app installed, you won’t have this problem. People now buying Netatmo expecting there to be an integration are SOL. I contacted customer support and “Ryan” told me this was a known issue with no fix in sight. Funny that an integration that flat out doesn’t work is still being marketed by both companies. I have really noticed a dropoff in the response time and quality from customer support since Samsung bought them. It used to be like they at least pretended to care.


Netatmo oAUTH is fixed on iOS.

(Derek) #71

Netatmo has been broken for a whole. I uninstalled and re-installed and all is working again. thanks.
Now, is there a way to add a label to the Things dashboard? I don’t know which is which,

(Steve Rosen) #72

Any plans to fix on android? I can’t get smartthings to recognize the device after the authorization step, although smarthings is added as authorized on the neatatmo website.

(Jody) #73

Please see this thread. They are working on it.

Netatmo does not update anymore