Netatmo thermostat integration with the new Smartthings app

anyone know if there’s a solution for this yet?

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Still no solution after 5 months!!!

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Netatmo provides REST API, so it should be possible to write a custom device handler that invokes the API to get current values as frequently as you like?

Only now after months of Smarthings do I understand this disastrous situation. Can there be no solution? It is really a pity, the thermostat on Smartthings is useless! Is it to think of a custom device handler and smartpp, as happens for the weather station? It is exhilarating to see that a community project works better than one managed directly by netatmo and samsung


Anyone else having problems with netatmo thermostat not connecting anymore.
Gone to linked services but just won’t reconnect.


I want to install an smart thermostat but I’m struggling to choose one which can be integrated with smartthings. Netatmo is a good one but according to this thread, I’m not sure it is a good choice.

@Adam_Young , could you please confirm the issue was solved?

Anyone, has the refreshing time be reduced?


I can confirm that the netamo thermostat works with smartthings but the refresh problem is still there.

Netatmo is a good thermostat with a bad integration in SmartThings. The time of refresh temperature is 6h. Very bad integrations!

Thanks for the feedback. Even though the time of refresh is 6h, is it possible to change temperature from the ST app? I mean, what is the integration?

I like netatmo not only for the thermostat but also for the TRV. I don’t think there is other option since tado is not supported, is it?

Last question (apologies for the off topic), could I install nest thermostat and control third party TRV via ST app?

Thanks again

Yes you can still change the temperature and the modes, I use it to change to away mode when I leave the house.

Yes you could use the nest thermostat and a third party trv, you might need to use webcore to do that.

Thanks a lot Adam!

Then I just have to choose between Netatmo and Tado.

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Still no workaround about this? is there no hope?
I noticed that in any moment you can get the updated data if you go to “menu/connected services/netatmo” and confirm. Is anyone able to automize it?

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True, I had never noticed. It would be interesting to see if you could automate this thing.

Any updates on this


I’m assuming this still hasn’t been fixed? I would love an update as I’m thinking of getting the Netatmo (it seems like the best ST option with TRVs), but I’m worried that the integration isn’t working well…

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No, it still doesn’t work well. :pensive:

but who should be asked for a correct integration? This situation is frustrating!

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Still no solution for this?