Netatmo thermostat integration with the new Smartthings app


Yesterday i successfully installed the netatmo thermostat and added it to the new smartthings app.
The problem is that the updating temperature interval is 6 hours , this results to not working properly my automation that i crated on the app.
How can i change the Temperature updating interval?

I have the same problem…
Last month it worked perfectly…

That looks like a cloud integration that Netatmo owns. I’d reach out to them and report the issue.

Also when i change the temperature for the netatmo thermostat ( the one with the paper screen), the app will doesnt get updated with the new temperature

I contacted Netatmo support team to report that issue and bellow you can find the response.


Thank you for contacting Netatmo Customer Service.
My name is Daegil and I will be in charge of your ticket.

The temperature measurement interval of 6 hours is linked to how the third party application was coded.
Our devices update the new data to our servers every 10 minutes.

Smartthing would need to change the update rate on their side unless they planned a setting to change that.

Please contact Smartthings support directly, they will be able to let you know if they planned a possibility to change this update rate.

Feel free to let me know should you have any further request.
Have a lovely day!

Technical specialist

That’s BS. Either a ill informed support person or bad coding. Cloud to cloud integrations query for new devices every 6 hours. but data updates are almost instantaneous. My Kasa and August devices using SmartThigns cloud integrations are updaated within seconds.

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i just brought Netatmo product because of the compatibility with the Smartthings.
i cant understand why i need to deliver messages between Netatmo and Samsung to resolve that issue.
That should be resolved internally without my implication

I also bought a netatmo for that reason and its been great but I am disappointed it’s constantly offline and don’t think the smartthings will fix this issue as they haven’t updated fibaro device handlers that’s having problems with loads of users including myself :slightly_frowning_face:

SmartThings has changed its integration model over the years. It’s impossible for them to maintain every integration due to the sheer volume of devices that work with SmartThings. So they now have a model closer to Alexa or Google Home. They provide the API and documentation for integration and it’s up to the companies to build and maintain the integration. If the company has issues, there is developer support advocates they can contact through the developer portal.

I partially i agree with you, but the problem is that in the official page of Smartthings is advertised that the Neatmo Thermostat is supported.
So if you take the responsibility of the compatibility, in my opinion there are 3 possible solutions in this case:

  1. Samsung need to resolve the issues for each product that is advertising the compatibility
  2. Samsung need to make quality control to each device and delete it for the list if it’s not fulfilling the criteria of the compatibility.
  3. Samsung need to stop false advertising with other products.

Conclusion is that i bought Samsung Smartting hub in order to integrate all my devices in the same ecosystem, and i find myself in the situation that the automations are not working and the heating is not following the rules installed, which not only causes discomfort but also a higher gas bill.

I don’t think its fair that in these type of misunderstandings between Samsung and compatible products, it’s the customer who ends up paying even thought it has no blame.

PS. In my observation Apple doesn’t have such issues on homekit app.


Please find bellow the second email from Netatmo support team when i told them that the problam is from their side

Hello again!

Are you sure that it is not Smartthings saying that they are compatible with us?
To explain better, we offer a free API so any third party can decide on their own if they wish to be compatible with us or not.
This means that we cannot track and take responsability for every third party application features, bugs or other.

There are only a few ones where we do, such as HomeKit, Alexa, Google Home to name a few and they are displayed on our website.

In other words, as far as I know we have no way to raise an internal ticket with smartthings or an exclusive partnership.

Thank you for your understanding.
Best regards,

Technical specialist

And it is true, Netatmo is not advertising in their site compatibility with Samsung Smartthing.

To explaining better, is the same situation like Google Nest API. In 2019 if i am not wrong, they decided to change the API and make migration to Google account. This results to all the 3rd party apps like IFTTT to do not work. And now it is 3rd party apps responsibility to integrate their apps to the new API provided by Google.

So if Samsung is advertising compatibility with other products, is taking responsibility to fix the issues otherwise Samsung will have legal repercussion for falls advertising.

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I got response from Samsung.
No explanation why they cant change it. I am very disappointed for the customer care.

Fiona (SmartThings)

May 5, 4:46 AM MST

Hi Ag,

Hope you’re well and thanks for reaching out!

Due to the impact of COVID-19, our customer support team is operating at a reduced capacity. We thank you for your understanding and apologise for any inconvenience.I hope you’re doing very well and thank you for reaching out to SmartThings.

Please accept my apologies on the delay in responding to you. We’ve had a sudden burst of incoming queries and have been working tirelessly to get through them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I’m afraid that you won’t be able to change the check intervals for the Netatmo Thermostat, apologies for any inconvenience. Our open platform really shines because our users are able to integrate custom Devices/SmartApps. I do highly suggest checking our Community where you will find a lot of advocates/programmers/developers frequent and have posted their custom coding/integrations to work with SmartThings and you may just find the setup/configuration that you’re after! Otherwise, our Developer documents - will guide you through creating your own integrations.

Feel free to get back in touch if you have any further queries and we will be happy to help!

Have a good day and stay safe.

Best regards,

SmartThings Support

@jody.albritton can you shine some light on whether this is a SmartThings or Netatmo problem?

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Thanks for the update, it’s not looking good for us. I’ve tried looking for a community smart app but seems there is none or was started but never finished :confused:

@Automated_House I have pinged several developers internal about the integration.


So just a quick update with what I know so far - This integration is not certified as Works With SmartThings. We are currently polling them every 6 hours to avoid rate limits. There is an effort ongoing to make this a WWST itegration with Netatmo, but at the moment we are limited by their API.

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Any update on the netatmo integration?

Hello, 2 months have past. any update on this problem?

I have literally just installed a Netatmo Thermostat instead of a Nest Thermostat purely for its integrations and extremely disappointed that there is this problem

I can though without doubt say this problem IS a SmartThings problem, can tell as if you add the Netatmo to Google Home it updates instantly so its clear its a problem with the SmartThings side of things

I really hope either Samsung fix this or someone in the community can help us

To be fair though I’m getting more and more disappointed with SmartThings limitations daily that could easily be fixed by Samsung, I’m soon going to purchase a Hubitat device