Netatmo no longer in Rooms

This week all of my Netatmo sensors have dropped out of the assigned rooms they were apart of. I went into the IDE to confirm they were still assigned to the rooms. I manually removed them and tried to re-add them both in the IDE and via the app. When adding them via the IDE they don’t ever re-appear (no change). When I try to add them via the app I get an error when trying to “save” the update.

Is anyone else having a similar issue?

Check out this link, probably related.


Yah… The first thing to check is go into the API/IDE make sure** every Device is assigned to a real “Hub”**, even devices that do not need a direct Hub connection.

A bug or side-effect seems to have slipped into the Platform. As we know … it happens.

You are the man!

Now why can’t ST figure out the effected parties and let them know before I get all pissed off that a ton of my devices disappeared from my application!

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Totally agree, and I’m not shy about asserting this (pre-Release Notes, please…). Yet too many folks at SmartThings think poorly of me for it. I’m tired of trying to be polite – not that it would make a difference in the results. We’ve asked for advance Release Notes for a very long time.

I went on a rant about a year ago about support. It sucks the early days of STs they literally had the best support teams I’ve ever seen. So much so that openly talked about their responsiveness and helpfulness to my support team in comparison. Lately I’m lucky to get a response in “days” and when I do it’s awful.

I complained 2 days ago that my sensors, switches, etc. quit working and can’t be reset and its starting to happen all of a sudden. The response: “You said you have a v2 hub. I suggestion you upgrade and build a more stable platform”. <-- ARE YOU SERIOUS? That’s not how you support customers.

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At the risk of drifting off Topic (too late…) … SmartThings’s support team can only be as good as their internal resources support for them (including pay, etc.). At $99/hub, SmartThings has to minimize support cost per Customer, so I still think, given the challenges, Support is doing pretty well. The optimization opportunity, though, is obviously in various other areas of the organization.

Pre-communication of this platform change would have avoided dozens of confused posts here on the Community Forum … and dozens or … a hundred? … emails to Support.

Regarding the former, though, the Community provides plenty of help for free … pretty much unacknowledged / unappreciated by SmartThings.


@tgauchat - Today I’ve completely lost confidence in support. I complained about the Netatmo issue in rooms. Over a day later I get a response that says’ “This is a known issue I’ll let you know when it’s fixed”.

This was literally fixed in 5 seconds on the forums. I’m sorry but if you know it’s an issue, there’s a known work around, how hard is it to tell me that? Also I confident I’ll never hear again about that issue (since I’ve heard that before - we’ll tell you when it’s fixed… still waiting to hear about an issues that were fixed over a year ago :slight_smile: )

Yes… I’ve raised my concerns and suggestions about how SmartThings Support has the potential to exceed the overall high recommendations it gets (except for certain crunch times when they’ve had substantial delays due to lack of trained resources) to Ben and management of the area (Ryan and Tyler1).

The discussion with Ben was not particularly cordial, but I hope we ended with mutual respect for each others’ candor. Hence I’m not tagging him or the others because, well, I doubt either of us would find it productive. We agreed to disagree.

I specifically was interested in the “follow-up” situations you express. For workflow reasons (not necessarily “good ones”, but that is not my area of expertise), SmartThings marks tickets as “Resolved” whenever they have provided even the barest of responses, even those that clearly have follow-up requirements or follow-up opportunities. Ryan and Tyler1 explained that they a have a secondary process in place to ensure the follow-ups occur. Indeed, perhaps because I’m a squeaky wheel, I have received follow-ups, but I’m not a particularly large sample set … I’ve only opened … 3? … tickets since that new commitment was put in place.

SmartThings has support that exceeds the quality of many vendors; but it is far from optimal for all but a small set of basic scenarios. I’m somewhat confident that the types of problems reported by the average consumer are handled well. Hence I’d rather focus on getting some advance support resources (developer support and more channels to 2nd and 3rd level support).