Nest, WeMo, Hue - SmartThings and SAMI and IFTTT


I’ve just started investigating IoT and I have a Nest protect, a WeMo Switch, and Philips Hue to play with. All these devices seem to connect directly with their Manufacturer specific Cloud based Apps and Mobile Apps. I’ve noticed that IFTTT are able to control these devices. I guess they must use user’s device specific login credentials to authorise IFTTT to control the devices through the manufacturer specific cloud APIs. Is that how this fits together? I have also looked at Samsung’s SAMI. OK it looks easy to connect a device when I have control over the device software and can tell it to connect to directly to SAMI. However with off the shelf devices such as Nest, WeMo, and Hue, where I don’t have control over the device software, how would I go about connecting these up to SAMI. Would there need to be a 3rd party service to connect the device specific Cloud API up to the SAMI api?

(Jody) #2

The vendor themselves will need to create a SAMI channel for the best integration. The other option would be for a third-party developer to create a solution using both the vendor provided and SAMI SDKs. For example, you could write a small web service that consumes the HUE api and sends messages into SAMI via its SDK.