Nest UK integration

Hi all, i’m looking for some help on adding my Nest Thermostat to my UK Smartthings Hub.
I have searched and googled for ages and can’t seem to get anything to work. I got the Nest Manager to show on my IDE however it was US and when I log into UK its not there.
I have followed some other instructions but its not showing on my app or working.
I’m not clear on adding devices etc using the IDE, is there a dummies guide (I am very tech sdavvy but even i’m confused by all this coding).

Any help would be great. I am desperate to add Nest to my ActionTiles page.

The instructions for nest manager are:

It is important that you login to the proper shard (UK?) when you install Nest manager. If you do not see it when you go in the IDE, check the URL when you are in the IDE to ensure it is the UK shard.

Then follow the install instructions in the site above.

This is now done as google nest is integrated to smartthings. I set this up on Monday and all automations and scenes relating to these are running fine.