Nest Thermostats

Boy am I confused,I have finally given up on Google/Nest fixing their issues with their thermostats.
Where can I find a post or if someone can help me program my Smart things app to get my thermostats up and running again?
I don’t even know how to ask the ST app to recognize if I’m home or not.
I,have correctly put in my address into,the app.

What country are you in? Some integrations are not available in all regions. If it is available to you… you can click the + in the upper right of the screen, select Device, click the By brand tab near the top of the screen, locate and tap on Nest and follow the screens to set it up.

To enable location services, click on Menu in the lower right of the screen, go to Settings (the cog in the upper right) and enable get location for this phone. From there you can set up Routines to manage home/away and all sorts of other good stuff which I will let others discus that with you. :slight_smile:

Welcome to SmartThings!

I am in the United States