Nest Thermostat

No, I’ve not seen that issue. I only had to update the Preferences once for a single reauthentication. Are you sure you went into the Preferences for the Nest device via the smartphone app, and then saved them again?

Yes, pretty sure I did this and it started working again, but then died again over night (UK time)

I will try it again tonight and see if I get the same result.

FWIW, I’d recommend you pull the latest Nest code from the original owner. Mine was out of date, @notoriousbdg has a number of improvements and has implemented the fix as well.

Thanks Bruce, that is the one I am using

OK, I tried this again last night.

It seems the Nest Device has not frozen, but the setpoint, current temperature, humidity and heating/cooling settings only seem to update when I press the refresh button on the Smarthings App for the Nest Device.

I am sure prior to the nest update this used to work OK and whenever the Nest changed a value the Smarthings App reflected it without having to press refresh.

Is it just me or do others see this?

I believe others can answer with more authority (especially on the SmartThings polling issues), but I eventually had to install the Pollster SmartApp and the set it to poll the Nest thermostat every 15 minutes to keep the stats up-to-date. I also have that app poll the SmartWeather Station Tile on the same interval, to keep the weather stats fresh.

@xcguy is correct, you’ll have to use Pollster with the current Nest device type for it to automatically update.

Now that we have the device and polling issue settled what are people actually doing with the Nest and Smartthings? It would seem Nests learning features and built in home/away would negate any benefit from running it in Smartthings. I tried tying some ceiling fans into it so when the heat came on the fans would help circulate the warm air but just doing this based on temp was trying to hit a moving target as the heat would come on a various temps and various times. If I could tie the fans to when the main house fan started blowing that would be one things but I have not found a way to do that yet. So how are people making use of the Nest from within Smartthings?

Thanks, that fixed it :smile:

Honestly, the Nest thermostat is overkill for SmartThings. Nest was designed to run independently, making its own observations and adjustments.

In my case, I picked up a used one for the connectivity and humidity controls (and I just like the design of the unit). So thermostat related SmartThings I have setup:

  • Set the thermostat down as part of my Good Night routine, and turn back up with Good Morning. Same with the Goodbye and Welcome Home routines.

  • SmartThings will also alert me if the furnace is turned on and any windows are open that might trigger the thermostat to fire (like temp outside cold, furnace set to heat and windows are open).

  • And since I live in Minnesota, I recently added a SmartApp to adjust the Nest humidity setpoint based on the outdoor temperature (to prevent condensation build up when the temps drop).

However, all those features should be available with a number of other connected thermostats that may cost less than the Nest.

I am getting the following error - Bad Request @ line 570 when I try to test Nest. Any help?

Make sure you went into your smartphone app and updated the Preferences section on the Nest device with your account info (username/pw/serial#).

I did, they are all up to date

My wife got me the Nest for my birthday a few years ago. I do agree that it’s a bit overkill for use with SmartThings, but it is a nice product and with the current workaround fits nicely into my SmartThings setup.

I have the Nest schedule handle all of my scheduled temperature changes except for the morning and bedtime temp changes upon first motion in the morning and no motion at night. I have Hello, Home actions set up that execute those temp changes. I also wrote a smartapp that keeps the Nest’s away or home modes aligned with SmartThings, so that I don’t need to rely on Nest’s built in motion sensor.

I also use Nest to schedule my temp changes. I use ST for two things:

  1. Home and Away mode. The Nest does a poor job of determining when your away or home as you need to walk by the thermostat sometimes. I can’t speak to the auto schedule feature but my wife has a crazy work schedule and is always in and out of the house and the Nest didn’t really do a good job when I tried it a few years ago. Now, ST tells my Nest when to go away or home based on us arriving and departing.

  2. When I go to sleep, some of my Nests pipe down the heat or ac in rooms we aren’t in. Since this time can vary, this is more effective than Nest scheduling.

Did you write a custom app for Home/Away settings? I can’t find one within ST that seems to do this but I might just be missing it. We use an app called Skylark right now to set Home/Away but if I can consolidate app functions I would prefer too.

Yes, check this app out:

You need to set an app for each mode you want the Nest to activate home and away for. For example, I have 4 instances for home(nest mode) - home and home night (ST) and away (nest mode) - away and away night (st). This essentially does what skylark does.

Most excellent; I will give that one a look. Thanks!

Is it sad that my nest hasn’t updated since the 16th and I just noticed…

Thanks for the solution!

Greetings all, i’m new to smartthings - and am trying to get my nest working. I’ve gotten through all of the steps and put in my serial number. Nest showed up in my things but i cant do anything with it? It has ${ in gray where there are buttons for my other items. Is there supposed to be some way to actually interact with the nest? I am assuming there must be, due to the button / slider choice?