Nest thermostat won’t go into eco mode

Recently STT hasn’t been able to put nest thermostat into eco. All other modes work. Has anyone else has this problem?

Yes me . in the last week or so, but I thought it was because I changed phone. Curiously, my Away routine runs and notifies fine, but though it will mot put into Eco mode, my Home routine WILL set to heat freom Eco!

Sounds similar to me. The routines still run and I get notifications but the thermostats don’t go into eco. I can set the to go off but not into eco via the STT

Same here!! I’ve been driving me nuts, i was about to configure google home home and away just to deal with this…

Thanks so much for the suggestion of using off mode. For me eco and off is the same as it won’t make any difference, my house would rarely go bellow my eco temperature

I’m quite new to smart things, is there a way to report this issue?

I’m suffering from the same issue. My “set the thermostat to Eco” routine fires fine but doesn’t actually set the thermostat to Eco. A modified version of the routine that turns the thermostat off instead of turning it to Eco works fine. It’s been doing this for maybe 2 weeks now.

be sure to report the issue to Google Nest support as they own and maintain the integration to ST.