Nest Thermostat with Groovy SmartApp

I’m currently unable to use the Google Nest device with any SmartApps as a thermostat capability.

Specifically I would like to get back to using the Keep Me Cosy SmartApp. Previously I used this SmartApp to set a remote temperature sensor that regulated the temp in another room. Now when I attempt to use the app I cannot select the Google Nest as a thermostat device. I also cannot view / manage the nest device in the Samsung IDE.

I’ve read on a few posts that this is due to an incompatibility between groovy smart apps and the new google nest integration.

Has anyone managed to come up with a workaround? Any way to map the Google Nest device as an intermediate device type to then make it selectable in the groovy apps?

no work-arounds. nest devices do not work with groovy apps

IDE should disappear by the end of the year.

If you want to enjoy your Nest Tstat in all your preferred automation & smartapps, refer to this thread:

There are more commands & capabilities available, no throttling, and it’s feature-complete. It’s a groovy-based solution, so it’s compatible with all smartapps and automations under ST.

And, there is also a version for the Hubitat platform if you want to switch hub later.

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