Nest Smoke Alarm Trigger

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I’ve had an idea for deaf people (my grandparents), Nest, and I can do the physical building of a prototype and the networking, but I don’t know the coding (although if someone has direction, I’d be excited to learn! I taught myself VBA and that was a blast!).

Anyway, I bought into the Nest ecosystem…which was cool in the beginning. It’s been fantastic EXCEPT 1. I wish I could save the stream locally without the need to open a live stream backdoor on the cameras) and 2. You have to pay for extra features. However, they have some innovative ideas and the ability to see on the app is nice.

So anyway, here’s the idea. I was wondering if someone was capable, namely with a raspberry pi, of generating code such that when the Pi detected a NEST smoke alarm going off, it would turn on a solenoid or switch and generate a sound of my choice.

My thought of this is that I can use the Nest Smoke Detector, I’d like to have the Pi recognize when a paired detector is going off, turn on the switch of my choice (which turns on an amplifier), and then I can use an old bass floor shaker (music) attached to the underside of a bed to wake up the sleeping, deaf grandparents that might otherwise sleep through a fire. Make sense? Anyone have ideas on how to integrate with the nest?

Read this thread. It includes the previous best solution for this as well as the current status of Nest integration with basically everything (spoiler: Google broke it)

hmmmm…wonderful. I was afraid of this.

Out of pure curiosity, I wonder if someone could build something based on me running and sending them the results of a wireshark run.

No. The traffic between the devices and nest is encrypted. All you will / should see is an encrypted communication from a given device to your default gateway.


Not tried this yet but as the original Nest Integration is totally broken I will be giving it a shot tomorrow. Looks good though.

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You should be able to do everything you want to within Smartthings/WebCore providing the new Nest solution works ok and with a cheap Zigbee or Z-Wave socket or inline switch.