Nest Protect Device Type

Yes, using Pollster.
I think if you read the previous messages, the ST code for NP never worked?

IDK why its not working for you or anyone else, but i have been using this [devicetype][1] with pollster (polling every minuet) and it does work for me and i have gotten notifications from smartthings. I know that devicetype works. Right now due the the scheduling issues pollster won’t be reliable until smartthings fixes the scheduling issues so currently notifications should be wonkey.


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Please can you show me a screenshot of one of your NP’s from the Developers Dashboard ( / My Devices ?

For me, they never show anything in Data or Current States.

Also, perhaps a screenshot of the activity log for a NP, when you pass smoke under it to activate it?


No, as neither will help you get it working. If you would like for me to double check your settings, I’d be more than happy. You can PM me or post it here.

thank you ! what are the scheduling issues smartthings is having? are they close to fixing it? wonder how long it lasts before it “dies”.

I have four nest protects coming so i’m quite excited to get it going. really appreciate everyones replies.

Here is the thread for scheduler death, time between deaths seams to vary greatly.

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Any update on the scheduler deaths and reliability of Nest Protect code?

I have never been able to get any of the Nest Protect device types working in my SmartThing with my three Nest Protect units.

When I add them, I am able to see the data via the IDE.
When I attempt to go into my connected devices in my ST App on my Android Device, I get an Unknown Error.
If I remove the Nest Protect devices from the IDE, my ST App starts working again.

Support sent me here to resolve.

Note: I have tried four distinct Device Types. All have the same issue.

I also have never been able to get any of these working, multiple tries over the last year, with every code base I can try. I get the “unknown error” also.

While this was not how i wanted to wake up in the morning and it ended up being a false alarm from nest protect, smartthings handled it perfectly.

@sidjohn1 can you point me to the code you use for yours or post it? I want to try to hook these up again. There has to be something I’m missing.

Eh, you can ignore my request, read backwards and saw you posted the origin. Are you sure you made no mods for it to work?

yep, no mods. I deleted and readded it today… the only thing i can think of on why it would work is if you have the wrong MAC address. It has to be the 802.15.4 MAC. if you are using the MAC from your local network it will not work.

I did use the 15.14. I’ll try again, knowing yours works helps me try harder. :smile:

Hey everyone, has this device type been tested with the wired version of the Nest Protect 2nd Gen?


Let me know if you get it working with wired v2

I have it working with wired v2 using this device type ( It registered, but I haven’t had any smoke or CO alarms to confirm notifications are working. I wish we can test it without starting a fire in the house :smile:

I can send my ex over to cook for you. :slight_smile:


I can also confirm it works with Nest protect V1 and V2. I also updated the devicetype, In my version I cleaned up the code, fixed “unknown” error on andriod devices, updated authentication, layout, and logging. Pollster is still required to get updates and i recommend polling every minuet.
My fork is available here:

I have used the devicetype that @sidjohn1 has been mentioning as my second ever device added to ST, it has been working well from the best I can tell. I get all of my statuses, live, also get info using Pollster. I try not to set too many fires within my home purely to test my tech so I haven’t received any notifications of fires or smoke beyond what I should receive from the Nest app on the same device.

So far, so good!

I can back up Tyler now (yay!). Works for me now using the devicetype that @sidjohn1 mentioned. Not sure what was going on before.

I wish we had a way to make this event based instead of poll based.

Also, I might start a thread on what the difference is truly between “refresh” and “poll” because this devicetype seems like a candidate for “refresh”…