Nest Protect Device Type

I finally was able to get ST to see my Nest Protect in the Device list, And I see all the information about the current status.
Although it does not show up as a “Thing” in the Android App. If I try to add it to a Room I get the message “An Unexpected Error Occurred”

Any HELP would be greatly Appreciated.


I think when it doesn’t show up in your app, it did not connect to smartthings correctly. Not 100% on that. Just seem to remember it from someplace.

I was using this device type but kept having issues, so I removed my protects and this software.

Then used Nest Manager to connect them to smartthings.

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Is there a link to a form so I can try to setup ST correctly

Not sure what your asking for?

I think? Someone please correct me if I’m wrong. When your devices (whatever they are) perform initial connection to hub. They exchange data about what the thing is and and values of certain parameters. Smartthings uses this data to setup your device and add it to your system. If anything happens during this initial connection (bad data, missing information, ect…) weird things happen.
Can’t control, doesn’t show up ect…

My guess is you need to remove your protects using the IDE. Then reinstall them using this device handler or remove this device handler, install nest manager, then reconnect your protects.

Just my opinion, what you do is up to you.

I had a similar situation where my protects were not visible in my android app. They were visible in the IDE. To fix it is removed the protects in the IDE, then removed the protect device software I had installed in the IDE, then installed the Nest manager software in the IDE, then installed my protects using that software.

If you look like less than 10 post up in this thread, someone else was also having issues. Someone else replied with a link to nest manager as the fix.

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how do you change the DTH from the Nest Protect one to the “native” ST one? What’s the name of the ST one?

Scroll up, follow the directions ?

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There is no official smartthings one. Nest Manager is another custom device to interface Nest to smartthings.

Like @RLDreams said scroll up for the “Nest Manager” link. Go to that thread and follow the directions.

BEFORE you do that. Log into the IDE. Select devices, select your protect and remove it.
Then go the the Device Type Tab, select the Nest Protects software that THIS thread had you install and remove it.

It’s all in the post right above here made by myself and others.


Got several Nest Protects installed. I am not clear on how the presence sensor works for it. Can someone explain it please?

I am kinda hoping that I could use them as sort of a poorman’s security system; report on movement when no one (I know) is home.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t believe presence is available from the Protects. An API limitation.

Hmmm… I managed to get one installed somehow, and it shows present.

The 2nd gen Protects have some kind of presence (night light turns on for example, and I thought that they all communicate with each other with this kind of stuff).

Should I just remove that device?

My protects can tell when you walk by. They then turn on a night light for that individual protect. I believe this is an option you can configure along with brightness of light.

I recommend you use this device type for your Protects.

In my opinion it is more stable and works better.

That is the version I am using. It created a Nest Presence thing, but my Next Protects do not appear to trigger it (always shows present).

Don’t know anything about that. I just added my Protects since that’s all I have. I looked and my presence toggle is off.

I’m pretty sure (as stated above) the Protect presence detection does not connect to smartthings. It is just used internally by the protects.

So, I’ve read it all nad tried to follow the intructions with no luck. First I added a new Device Handler with the code from this thread. I also added the username, password and Mac-adress to the code as the instructions suggested but I think theres something wrong. The device wont work properly and I culdn’t find Nest Protect as a device type when i tried to add a new device. Please give me updated instructions because these wont work.

You need to start here: [RELEASE] NST Manager v5.0

If I understand you correctly, you are trying to add the Nest Protect stand alone as a Thing. You can’t do that. You need to install the NST Manager ‘suite’ with SmartApp and related device handlers.

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Thanks for the advice! I’ve just installed the app manually since I live in Sweden. But Im having problems with Oauth. Getting an error.

I recommend you post over in the thread I linked to. You may get more help from the authors of the code.

Amazing instructions, wonderful community. Thank you very much!