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jcoppolo, Great workaround! Thanks for the help with this! Now, to go and replace my “ignorant” smoke detectors with new Nests! Thanks again, cmonroe and all that contributed to developing this!

(Mark Marlette) #182

@cmonroe- I installed this code and was monitoring the ST device in the recent activity tab. The re-execution of the task stops. Last night did three updates over 15mins and then it stopped. This AM I was testing the status updating via the lighting, change to off, med, hi and this ST device does not reflect the status change. The app is not rescheduling or is and is getting cancelled??? The recent activity reflects this and so does the debugging logging.

I assume that since line 212 is rescheduling of this device handler, that Pollster doesn’t have to be used. Even so, I tried and even Pollster’s schedule starts up and then gets cancelled(??) or is not run after some point in time.

Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks.

(Cmonroe) #183

@Mbhforum refresh once and that should go away.

@mmarlette to be honest I don’t even know if the scheduling method I’m using is correct. all I know is the old driver literally never updated… ST has also been experiencing some serious scheduling problems as of late for me (lights on at sunset sometimes doesn’t work at all, events are massively delated etc with a v2 hub) so maybe ST is changing the way they are handing updates or something. Maybe @Ben or someone can give us some guidance on the “proper” way to schedule a device to refresh (I’ve seen lots of ugly hacks using smart apps but all seem to fail at one point or another). I’m sure there’s a rate limit on update frequency especially for cloud to cloud requests but to my knowledge it’s not documented anywhere. I’m open to suggestions if anyone has them.

(Mark Marlette) #184

@cmonroe I also sent in a support ticket this AM on scheduling of lights at sunrise/sunset issues. Some work some don’t. When you look at the jobs, they occur but aren’t rescheduled. Watching to see that one test lamp will not shutoff tonight, that is the prediction from all the data.

Thank you for the reply, no expert either but I am located around the Minneapolis area, work in northern suburb. I would love to stop by their office for a chat. :slight_smile: Need to locate it.

In any case, right or wrong, you are scheduling the next event with runin() which is right from the manual. There is no reason that the OS shouldn’t comply, as it does for awhile and then it is gone, IMHO. Agree with scheduling events, there are big problems here, which is amazing to me that you can be a V2 hub platform and still having fundamental scheduling issues. ???


Good day all. I was hoping for a little help. We have several protects and I would like to integrate them. I installed the device type and published fine. When setting up device I used type and received the mentioned internal server error 500 issue. I then setup as a nest instead, added, then changed the device type to nest protect - direct. Once completed, updated the preferences to the nest account and I tried both the serial number (as stated in the code) and the two mac addresses. I was unable to get any responses, no matter what I did. I do have my nest running just fine through Smartthings, so I know it is not an access issue. I did verify that my account information is correct.

(and just for clarity…is this forum correct or the notes in the code? Is this device type expecting SN or MAC?)

Any thoughts?

(sidjohn1) #186

802.15.4 MAC, This is different from your WIFI mac, you may also want to check out live logging for errors.

(adam) #187

First off, thanks to everyone that has worked on this. It seems like I may be buying a Nest Protect soon, but I do have one question.
Is it possible in the current code, or maybe with some additional code, for smartthings to silence the alarm similar to how the nest app can?

(John Miele) #188

While @sidjohn1’s device type worked great, checkout the new Nest Manager. They have really simplified the process. The one thing I didn’t see is a silencer alarm feature and I am not sure you ever will. They did however add a feature to test by detector how your integrations work.
[REMOVED] Nest Manager

(Darryl) #189

Hey Guys,

How have these been working? My building inspector (just finishing a renovation) just basically asked me to replace my existing 3 wired smoke detectors to add carbon dioxide, and then buy 5 more smoke alarms for the bedrooms.

I was thinking of buying 3 Nest Protects, and then some cheaper (interconnected) smoke alarms for the bedrooms (battery), but need to get some input.

Does the Next Protect tie in to the Smart Home Monitor? Does this or the “Nest Manager” device type work well/consistently? Any other thoughts I should be concerned of?


(Tim Harper) #190

The Nest ones will integrate with SmartThings hub. It’s not easy though, and there are some cheaper alternatives that are easier. I’m stuck with all Nest though since I had them before I had my ST hub. You will have to load code into IDE, as Nest is not natively supported.

Everything seems to work consistently. No issues here. I have lots of rules set up on mine, for example if Nest Protect goes into emergency (there are two modes on Nest), all the lights turn on, the A/C turns off, any A/V stuff turns off, etc. I’ve tested and it works. But, I think I’d look for one of the brands that natively integrates with ST if I was starting from scratch.


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(Anthony S.) #192

You can very easily integrate your Nest Products by heading here

(Ben W) #193

Another plus about going the Nest route is you are not 100% tied into ST. If the cloud is down you will still get events from Nest, although if Nest cloud is down you are still SOL. If you have battery powered smoke in the bedrooms I would consider getting Nest Protects too. If there is an alarm they will wireless trigger other detectors. This is nice if you have a smoke alarm downstairs at night, it will sound in the bedroom.

Are you planning on getting a Nest Thermostat?

(Eric) #194

@darrylb - I’ll second the Nest Manager recommendation from @tonesto7. It is a beast and works great. Very easy to setup. You will be done in 10 minutes. I did a Nest and 9 Nest Protects in 20 minutes.

(Darryl) #195

9 Nest Protects? Sheez. Not cheap!

(Darryl) #196

I don’t like the Nest Thermostat, I have ecobee’s. Only eyeing the Nest Protects…

(Eric) #197

I don’t think you need a Nest thermostat to use the Nest Manager. It should work with just the Nest Protects. I don’t’ believe that Nest would have done as good as a job as @tonesto7 has done.

(Eric) #198

Considering my house only had 2 (smoke detectors) when I moved in, it wasn’t like I was throwing out good ones for “better” ones. I prefer the look and at the time there wasn’t a lot of decent alternatives. 9 nest protects was just a small dent in my home automation project.

(Darryl) #199

Understood, I wasn’t responding in that sense, but someone asked if I had or wanted a Nest Thermostat. I’m only considering the Nest Protects right now.

(Ben W) #200

I was asking because the Thermostats and Nest interact with other to determine Away. This is the reasons I went full Nest in my house, but it was before I jumped into ST and now use rules to set temps. I have 8 protects and 2 Nest thermostats, and was a driver on why I worked on nest-manager. Nest-Manager will work in a Protect only environment.

Without the thermostat I am not sure its worth the the premium for protects, especially since you are not planning to have them everywhere. Smoke detectors only interconnect with the same brand. Zwave only smoke/co detectors are half the price of Nests.