Nest Protect Device Type (Working)

I worked on this a while ago and realized I never shared it. I was having trouble getting the Nest Protect device type originally by NickHBailey and modified by imbrainj to work. I can’t remember if I had to change any code to get it to work, but it does report a status. I have not actually checked by setting off the Nest, but assuming the Nest reports things correctly this should all work in case of Fire/CO2. I also added tiles to report AC status for Nest Protect Wired and cleaned up the tiles. I’ve never published code publicly, so I apologize if I’ve not followed proper conventions in citing other’s work.


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I have a mix of battery and AC protects. Your devicetype continues to show the AC status tile for the battery protects and lists the status as OK.

I never thought about that actually. Let me see what I can do for usage with battery protects. It may take me a few days to get to it.