Nest Occ Sensor

I see IFTTT can now trigger a notification based on the occupancy sensor on the nest stat. Does this mean that ST can now utilize it?

Interesting. I don’t see this trigger in my IFTTT account. Perhaps they are rolling it slowly? @tonesto7 might be able to answer this.

It’s not likely going to happen like your hoping and thinking. I’m curious where IFTTT is getting the motion status from because it’s not part of Nest’s API.

I wonder if this means that they are going to be adding it soon :slight_smile:

Where did you see this trigger? Or was this a recipe template? Reason I ask is it’s not asking you to use motion from a specific thermostat, but rather the entire location. I think this is a recipe that is using the “home” trigger.

I think you’re right… I think they are using the changing from Away to Home to trigger the notification…