Nest Manager - Help!

Hi All,

I’ve just installed nest manager and am struggling to figure out how to set up. Unfortuantely, some of the documentation around using / configuring virtual thermostats and remote sensors doesnt seem to be there.

I have the nest thermostat downstairs, when the house enters ‘night’ mode I’d like it to switch to using the remote sensor I have in the bedroom and then control the heating in line with this reading, ignoring what the nest thermostat reads as the tempreature downstairs. Can I do this? It seems like I can create a virtual thermostat and configure this to use the remote sensor? any help would be greatly appreciated!

In this setup, what will the nest thermostat actually show in its display? Presumably it will continue to show whatever tempreature it is reading (Downstairs).

If downstairs is hotter than than the desired upstairs tempreature, what will it do to set the desired tempreature upstairs?

Take for example …

Downstairs Temp: 20oC
Upstairs Temp: 15oC

I want the upstairs tempreature to be set to 19oC.

Will it set the nest thermostat to be e.g. 25oC and then turn it back down again when the upstairs tempreature reaches the desired 19oC?



Nest manager 4.0 can do what you describe.

You need to install nest manager and its dth (device type handlers). I believe the instructions are there for that.

Once nest manager is running, you want in nest manager to enable automation for the thermostat in question.

Specifically you will want to enable remote sensor, and create a schedule.

One of your schedules will be along the lines:

Htemp: xxx, cool temp: yyy, sensor: “the sensor to use at night” , mode: the modes that are used at night.

This schedule would cause the system to adjust per your description.

There likely will be other schedules, or other times/modes of the day

htemp:aaa ctemp: bbb sensor: “the sensor to use during the day”

These two schedules are the start of having the system:

  • at night use the “alternate sensors”
  • at other times use the “thermostat or day sensors”

The order is important, and likely the schedules would be in the order I’ve shown