Nest Hello event triggers

I noticed that the Nest Hello has a whole bunch of newly added event triggers. Some of them look obvious; curious if anyone has seen reference documentation?


I think someone just made a bad job. The first 3 are probably the real triggers what you can get from a Nest Hello, the rest is a statement from SmartThings that we do not have any QC/QA in place.

Just as a reference what traits a Nest Hello has:

That is Motion Sensor, Sound Sensor and Button. The app doesn’t consistently respect the supported button values, assuming they are defined properly.

It also seems rather inconsistent to have a list that includes two capability names and range of attribute values. Surely it should be three capability names, or a number of attributes, or a number of attribute values, and not a fusion?

Yeah it seems to be an issue with supported button values, this doorbell should only recognize a single press not double press or held.